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Re: Do you get déjà vu? What's it like? » sleepygirl2

Posted by Dinah on July 19, 2012, at 8:08:02

In reply to Re: Do you get déjà vu? What's it like? » Phillipa, posted by sleepygirl2 on July 18, 2012, at 22:01:02

The thing is that while I know I've experienced it, the details are rather fuzzy. It didn't seem to me to be as if I were simply musing that this seemed awfully familiar and I've probably been here or done this before. It was more intense or eery than that, and without the thoughts that would ordinarily accompany recognizing a situation.

It hasn't happened to me that often. And for some reason, I associate it with smells that just aren't there, and that - while they have some associations in my mind - they have no association whatsoever with anything I'm doing at the time. The one that pops up most often is the smell of plastigoop. Not a smell that was often in my presence, since I and my brother rarely used our Creepy Crawler set. It's not at all associated with any particular memories. If I try to reach for the memory, I can't find it.

But again, it happens so seldom and is over so quickly that my recollections may be all wrong. I think it tends to happen when I miss my Lamictal. I suspect that even if I'm not prone to seizures, missing Lamictal for more than a day or so is likely to cause some brain glitches now I've been on it so long.

You said you were sitting watching Seinfeld. Well, chances are you have been sitting watching Seinfeld before. Possibly even the same Seinfeld. So I'm guessing it wasn't simply the thought that you've done this before, but instead some intense sensation? Did yours come with the smell or taste that I tend to experience? Where you disoriented?

Had I had your history with seizures, your pdoc's comment would have caused me to have second thoughts about our relationship. In fact, even if I hadn't had your history of seizures. But then I'm not overly attached to any of my pdocs. He may well have other fine and useful qualities to make up for what appears, on the surface and just from this statement, a tendency to hasty and judgmental conclusions.




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