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COMFORT ZONE i have one

Posted by manic666 on June 11, 2010, at 4:17:20

depression effects us all different i no///some can hop on a plane or bus an traval to the other end of the world//there still ill but it doesent change them dramaticly//this is my story of how i keep anxierty at bay not always ,that is the prime reason for my depression////i always as a kid had the prime fear of travel//you no like the thread says out my comfort zone//stage parties for my frieds were spoilt because the but ride of say 30 miles terrifide me//not the actual bus, plane, train,but the not being in control side of it//i wish i could write this better but i bypass the words i want to say alot or i will be stuck in the dictionary all day//my fault for not going to school// take a bus ,full of guys ready for a cool night an me wanting to sh*t myself through anxierty because in stuck on a bus i carnt escape from for 2 hours///or a plane worse you carnt just get off when you like///an i have been sort of fiting before with anxierty so ,if you dont do it you dont get it///i remeber a story of a guy ,he had plane phobia an when to spain ,but drank a litre of vodka to soften the blow///when the plane disenbarked ,they were all on the tarmac an this guy appeared at the plane,s door at the top of the steps//now every one turned to look at him//an he pissed his trousers about 6 pints infront of the hole flight//no one saw him again he never go the flight back///that was just a story of a terrifide plane traveler///but with acute anxerity you can get the same result inalmost any situation //so you avoid them//i am quite happy to avoid all triggers to that cause//sure i miss out ona few things, but do i????? if i aint been then what have i missed//im better than i was years ago//last night i was in a bar for my grand kid summers 4th birthday //no problem at one time i wouldnt have made it//buster my son wants to get married in the tropics //but he noes thats a step to far for his dad// i built my own comfort zone now an quite happy to live in it///you still get ill but,, you dont trigger every day//i carnt work now becuase my brain is damaged an a work prob like trying to read a plan an add mesurments would stress me to pass out//i carnt help it it justs happens//im lucky to live in the greenest most beutiful part of england an people would kill to see the splender of england in full bloom// i live it my own comfort zone an dont stray//i do what i like in the zone no problem i can even count my sea cost trip in there as it is a great childhood memory so its safe///as you no i just drive there on my own some days for the buzz//the bikeing the dogs the 100gallonn aqerium /the couple of beers at the bar about 4pm with theboys//its all worked out over years to give me a life i can handle//what i say take me out of it an i crash//any one in a position they made for themselves tell me your comfort zone




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