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Re: Both my dates bailed out on today Deneb

Posted by Kath on June 3, 2009, at 21:31:59

In reply to Re: Both my dates bailed out on today, posted by Deneb on June 3, 2009, at 15:30:26

> Am I being too hard on these guys or what?

NO - you're trying to meet someone who feels right for you. Ditto to everything I said in above thread.

> I am going by gut feelings. Should I give this guy another chance?

NO - you don't like negative people & you found him negative. Tell me one reason you should give him another "chance"???

>I hope he doesn't like me.

It doesn't matter if he likes you or not. It sounds like you don't really like him. Also - does he speak Cantonese? Sounds like that's pretty important to you, so why would you waste your time getting to know someone who doesn't know C. ?? Unless you just want to make some male 'friends'. I wonder how many guys are interested in 'just being friends'?? Maybe some of our guys can give you some input about their thoughts on that.

Even if he did like you - it isn't as if you have known each other long enough for him to get attached to you. Anyway - this is about YOU - not about the guys. I'm not saying be mean. I'm just saying be careful about taking care of YOU.

For goodness sake - I wish you could find somewhere to simply meet people (((you))) What about a Chinese cultural centre???? Does the university have a Chinese club????? I would think there'd be SOMEthing!!! OR - hey - get this - maybe YOU could START a Chinese club??

> Where are the normal guys? Have they all been taken?

Maybe some of them are involved in doing things that interest them??? Maybe some of them are in church groups, badminton teams, photography clubs, square-dancing groups, Chinese cultural clubs, ecology groups, you name it Deneb!!!

And I bet you anything that they have not all been taken!!!

love & hugs, Kath

(PS - if you & Jay want to gang up on me for going on & on at you both about how to meet someone, feel free - I wish you both only happiness)

xoxo Kath (scuse my abruptness - I have only your very bestest interests in mind)




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