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p docs spills the beans

Posted by manic666 on May 16, 2009, at 15:59:38

i went to my p doc , as i received a letter to but back my appiontment 6 weeks because of there holiday rota,thinking the c.b.t theropist had put on my file about pyhco theropy she said i needed . but true to english shrink crap nothing had been added.he said to me what can i do manic i said tell me the cause of this illness . he said no joke , why does a duck swim , wwwwwwhat i said so it dont sink, but he ment like how long is a piece of string sort of thing, he said you meds ok , i said 75% which is cool for are brains.he said tell me what you want me to do .i said do i need phyco theropy, he said do you think you do , i said is this a quiz,he said then what do you think is the cause is.i thought this is hard work , but carried on . i said i have childhood issues an bad upbringing an a sh*t old man .he said most start in childhood , an there is a misconception that a few sessions with a theropist an the world is ok.if that were true we would all be millionaires,im lossing the will to live at this time, i said is it a chemical imbalance , he said could be . but we dont no or can prove that,then he gave me another one why is your hair brown????eeeeer coss im not bald , nnno he said its another mistory.what he is trying to say in his ham fisted way is sh*t happens to people an we havent a clue why, all we can do is medicate you an hope it works other than that ,well there is no other than that,science is no nearer finding out each an every ones brain than cureing cancer.he openly addmitted his profession no very little. to witch i replied so i will be medicated the rest of my life. he said most probably, i said in that case take me of the hospital books as my gp can prescribe the same meds , without a long wait for an appointment,he said ok manic but you no were i am , i left thinking are you sure about that doc.




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