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You CAN collect unemployment while in college Deneb

Posted by garnet71 on March 21, 2009, at 12:31:14

In reply to My work is closing :-(, posted by Deneb on March 17, 2009, at 16:40:35

"in the US you probably can't officially go to school full time and collect unemployment--
> but Canada might let you
> i would suggest going forward with it w/o asking permission"

Deneb, before you make a decision, pull up the unemployment regs online. I don't know about Canada, but for those in the U.S. who read this statement, if you read the regs, you can find the loopholes. There are loopholes in almost all regulations, though they are invisible-you can create them.

I think for the U.S. states have different laws or guidlines, not sure. BUT-to collect unemployment generally, in the U.S., you have to be "available for work", and you don't have to accept a job that is unreasonable--lower pay than you were making before or too far from home, etc.

I collected unemployment in the U.S. while I went to college; in fact, I quit my job, went to a hearing against my former employer who brought their attorney, and won the case because of a weird loophole in a reg that I found and capitalized upon.

You can be "ready and available" for work while in school because if you find a job while you are in college, you can INTEND to 1) take a leave of absence from school to start working; 2) intend to rearrange your schedule in the evening/ weekends if you get a job or if college schedule doesn't have evening classes, you can intend to transfer to a different school. You could also apply for a few jobs here and there and not get them while you continue your studies. You could also be looking for and apply for only jobs with an evening shift if you attend classes in the daytime.

Please don't think its not possible to collect unemployment while in school. Instead, take advantage of loopholes in regs. The very wealthy do, trust me on this. I once worked for people who lived in a $3 million home, had a yaught, etc., but paid less taxes than me, and I'm familiar with all the tax deductions those who earn a lot of money can take.

Years ago, I'd feel guilty using public funds, but now-hell no. Do not feel bad!! We need educated people here in North America! Only 25% of the U.S. population has a college degree, not sure about Canada. Using public funds to become a more productive citizen serves the utility of your country and is not a bad thing.

Good luck in whatever you do!




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