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Re: #1 has a relization check....advice to you.

Posted by Sky Brite Line on July 14, 2008, at 2:27:39

In reply to Re: If you rerember your #1 poster..... Sky Brite Line, posted by Kath on July 13, 2008, at 21:01:21

hey, im back. Man just life, choices, and stuff. Im still breathe'n...... And its not drama, i do breathe. I just know that i came here so many times, and didnt listen.
1)because of the circumstance i was in.
2)fear to go ahead and do it, with no confidence.
-See you have to give people stuff back, if you want a stable contact or healthy contact with anyone.
--You can:
-talk and give that person money, but the'll execpt money everytime you want to talk. Im not dissing therpists.
-tell someone their strenths when its the appropriate time, and compassion. Emathy to help, share something to relate and build a relationship.

-if that person just wants info and says Just in it for info, there your enemy. Especially when you vunerable, and purposly know your easily gullable.

-Dont let the finger point at yourself. People dont take charge of their lives, because they think there own demands less important over others. Which i realized, thats why i get so beat up; danmit argue, but argue civally!

-Never talk, and be enthusatic, because action should be the stimulator. I hate people who have told me devestaing things because i fell into their talk.

-Politeness is the social norm, kindess is not politeness (No direct comment to you at all, thats just my reponse to what im thinking)

(((((Polite Lies)))))))- "we care, or love you" flat awnser look at the person, not how your related to them, no sugarcoated version, just get down to reality. Oldest con in the book is "dont worry, you can trust me, tell me"
- Next, get on the phone and trash you, i know people trash me and man i am DANM sick of it. I am sick tired of seeing, cold, no compassion, its enough. Makes my blood boil, and what is was taken for granite, was fake rock in the first place. Observe.....things, Person hard enough to were it won't break what they belive in? or its just imprinted, "trust me" that person isnt taken for granite. Lack of responsiblity, plus integrity.

- ridcule, abusive, Kind words and generous first are nice, its a trap, from my experience with friends and stuff. So be smart, and dont show timiness, or say "im sorry". The amount of pain that has gone has revealed the truth of what causes the pain.
1)distored perception
2)been conviced and failed at what other people expeted.
3)beeing the "accoutible" victim.
4)being lied to....
5)you place yourself in postition to get hit, by the way you present yourself, work ethic, and morals.

Its 1:06am, i chose stay up this late. I made a bad choice, but i feel accountible to staying in contact with people that can rise some self worth. But giving back to that person is good, effective communication, and giving them self-worth strethens relationships. Dont depend on just one person.

Logging out.....

Have a great night! and wish me best luck in getting up early!

I rerember this site very well, so please stay with me. I have flaws too, procrastination.

#1 Line




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