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i uncurse you!

Posted by karen_kay on May 28, 2007, at 7:53:58

In reply to paranoia? can someone really put a curse..., posted by slinky on May 28, 2007, at 7:00:17

damn him then, if he did (there, i cursed him...)

sweetie, personally, i think (and i've never, ever, ever claimed to know a thing about these sorts of things either. i wouldn't want to come across as an authority on anything except myself, and hardly qualify for that. but, i can sure let lose those swear words, so perhaps i'm not as far off as i think, eh?)

you precious doll... the way i see it, a curse would only have power in the fear you have. and it seems you enjoy beign outside (does this make sense at all? i've yet to have any coffee yet and doubt i make sense to myself this early.).

bascially, i'd say not. do what you want. actually, do what you need. to get out of there sweetheart. and on your way out, hiss at that mean old man. or, even better blow him a kiss, while thinking 'here's to the sweetest kiss you'll never get dear.'

((((slinky)))) take care of yourself. don't let your fears and anxieties get in the way of getting out and into a better place, got it? it sounds like you need this move. i tend to wait until the very last minute (i was at the grocery when several people arrived yesterday for the duck's birthday party. i tend to be that way. oh well, everyone was pleasantly happy with the party, it wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be and i even got to stick my husbands face in the pond out front! can't beat that, now can i?) to do things and they still get done. it's my mo, but thigs still happen and they happen beautifully. problem is, until then, i'm a complete bitch because i worry myself half stupid and mean thinking 'why'd you even set any of this up?'

moving's hard slinky. but, the final outcome is a grand result!

be good to yoursefl. and give yourself plenty of treats in the midst, got it? you deserve it!




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