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Re: Help! What does 'moving on' mean to you? » Larry Hoover

Posted by corafree on May 6, 2006, at 17:26:04

In reply to Re: Help! What does 'moving on' mean to you? » corafree, posted by Larry Hoover on May 6, 2006, at 14:20:30

I wish you were .... (oh, you know), but okay (goosebumps) .. (Am I EZ?), you've taken my breath away, and my mind is on an afternoon road trip re: moving on!

Printing and keeping here, what my memory doesn't hold, my hands will.

The state poverty level here for a single person is $714 a month. My SSD is about $50 ABOVE and it throws me out of the ballpark 'w/o a frank'!

I'm concluding this will continue; state poverty level rises a bit, SSD a bit more, every year.

I'm trying to pin-point states where their poverty levels might be ABOVE my SSD.

So far, found list by state of % of peeps BELOW poverty level. ( D.C. looks to be most highly impoverished and Oregon least. What does that tell me? D.C. would be the choice; right or wrong .. can't connect the dots!? I just look at this and see Social Security providing medication instead of food! Wrong search parameters maybe? I'm using search words like, state & just above poverty level.

I posted a ? and rec'd an answer suggesting Minnesota and Wisconsin (burrr). The person didn't give me any figures.

(I need a short 'mind rest' .. mountain time here.)

thankufriends, cf

> > What exactly is ‘Moving On’?
> I'm not sure, but I'll start with a big ole hug....
> {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{cora}}}}}}}}}}}}
> > Is this 'moving on thing' about starting over v. aging gracefully? I wonder if it is simply acceptance.
> I think acceptance is part of it, but so is the word you put right before that, simple.
> I think there are some core things everyone just does, like eating and sleeping, and (hopefully) bathing and such (heh). Moving on, to me, is doing those core things within a different set of other stuff. What do I mean by other stuff? Well, different choices from the world around you. That could be people, places, or things. It's all up to you, budget considered.
> I know how big money is, in this scenario. In any scenario, funding is an innate limit. It is what it is. But there are always significant choices one can make in the people/place/thing realm. "Collecting a different set" out of all the available choices is moving on, I guess.
> How does acceptance fit into this? Sometimes you just have to accept that you've "worn out" a set of people/places/things, and it's time to collect a different/new set. You have to accept the act of moving on, as a reasonable choice to make. The rest is just details.
> Lar




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