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Re: For FIVE Gabbix2

Posted by 5 on March 2, 2006, at 20:36:31

In reply to Re: For FIVE 5, posted by Gabbix2 on March 2, 2006, at 19:24:14

> Well the virtual model is still not run by computers. It's still people.

I know. And I know people aren't perfect and sometimes people make mistakes. But... I guess there may be conflict between admitting a mistake has been made (which can lead to people feeling angry) and justifying them (which can also lead to people feeling angry). I don't know. I guess I thought decisions would likely make more sense here because there is more of an awareness that things need to make sense to people. That things would be different here because moderation is supposed to be about the good of the community rather than Dr Bob acting from his own needs / desires. But even so... There can be conflict between the good of the individual and the good of the group I suppose. And there is room for disagreement as to what is best for the group. But when one is blocked... One loses ones voice. Larry didn't get a chance to say 'I see how my comment could be taken that way and I'm sorry that wasn't what I intended and I'll be more careful in the future'. Instead he gets blocked. He doesn't get to say anything until his block is up. And even when he comes back... It isn't worked through. It isn't worked through whether similar reduction in block will happen next time or not. Guess it didn't apply in my case. Maybe because people seemed to think I understood the block the time before. But I didn't understand. I just really really wanted to. But blocks hurt. Blocks can be retraumatising. Really very badly retraumatising. And is the point to get me to stop posting to politics altogether (or I'll be blocked) because I think that that is about the best sense I can make of this... Or that I have to stop with critiquing altogether?

Is it okay to critique a book?
Won't people who liked the book feel put down?

How is politics any different?

And if it is different then is this a rational difference (that people should be blocked for not understanding / respecting
Or is it an irrational difference and thus people need to learn the distinction (and they will find their lives go much easier if they grasp it)

> For instances just like this.
> And you so wanted to believe it wasn't like that.
> And it isn't--always.

I know it isn't always.
Most of the blocks... I really think I do see the sense in.
Larrys... I predicted it.
But... 6 weeks was way harsh.
IMO it should have been processed.
He should have had the chance to put things right.
Or... One week.

What got me was that the biggest defenders of Larry not being blocked... Were people saying (fairly much) that Deneb deserved it. That is not a good reason. People should have been PBC'd for that. But the point that Larry isn't malevolent and he was trying to help... I think that really should count for something.

And me... I intended to critique a policy yes.
I did not intend to attack / accuse / judge an individual.

Wasn't that obvious?

To everyone apart from Dr Bob apparantly...

And so I lose my voice for 2 weeks.

While there may be similarity...

I assure you that voice is gone







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