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Re: What do you do when Christ breaks your heart? Dena

Posted by allisonross on November 11, 2005, at 18:10:34 [reposted on November 12, 2005, at 2:31:40 | original URL]

In reply to Re: What do you do when Christ breaks your heart? allisonross, posted by Dena on November 11, 2005, at 12:51:08

>Dear Dena: Cool!

Omigosh! I ADORE Michael Yaconelli!!! Did you know he was killed in a car crash a few years ago? Very shortly after I talked to him. My therapist loves him! He is also a pastor.

Most folks haven't heard of him! "Messy Spirituality" was one of the most influential books of my life.

Did you know he had/has a website? It is an unbelievable cynical look at organized religion? Think it's called the Open Door; will have to look it up!

> Also, "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse" (forgot the authors)... & Dave Burchett's book.. and others, including Yancey, and John Fischer ("Twelve Steps for Recovering Pharisees (Like Me)" was a mind-blower...).

Churches That Abuse by Dr. Ron Enroth: I wrote him a letter, and asked permission to use it in my memoir (Ghost Child To TRiumph/from a child wth no voice, to someone who speaks up against injustice) and have a publisher interested.

> I read through part of your story... unfortunately, I have to put that off 'til another hour -- husband is due home, and I want to be ready for him (as well as get the house clean to surprise him... it's NEVER clean with 7 children living in it 24/7!).

Wow! Seven children?

> A ministry I recommend, for healing, is Theophostic Prayer Ministry:

I will check it out. If you could see the many people I wrote to, it would blow your mind; on my website (; the messages to me were exquisite (my favorite word); I am including them in my book. My therapist said it sounded as if "God was dictating the words to me."

> And a website for discovering God's (rather lavish) plan for sex is: (lots of folks there love Yaconelli, too).

Well, I won't be checking that out, since I am divorced and that is a sore spot with me. The ONLY good thing in our marriage was sex. I am having a terrible struggle with not having that anymore (5 months now; feels like five years); and sleeping alone; arrrrrghhhh.

I am a touchy, feeling, huggy, kissy, sensual, sexual woman (according to my therapist, LOL), and it's indescribable how it feels to be alone.
> Amazing that you knew Mike... I miss him! But he touched my life, deeply, before he left.
> I've all but given up on the institutional church... not in reaction to what was done "to me" (as it was God who construed that "crucifixion" for my good), but becaue of what I'm being called into: home church.

I agree, I will probably never go to another church. I miss singing in the choir; it was one of my joys; a euphoric feeling. Well, dance is my first love.
> Thanks for sharing!

Oh, Thank YOU, dear Dena; what a PLEASURE TO "KNOW" YOU, here, Hugs, Ally
> Shalom, Dena

P.S. My prayer is that God changes my ex---not likely, I think, or at least brings a man into my life; I had abandoment issues, and cannot bear the thought of being alone for the rest of my life.

Thank you for being so kind...Love, Ally




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