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Re: Ordering meds Canada (FDA app, with a script) ghost

Posted by jay on September 29, 2004, at 15:37:47

In reply to Re: Ordering meds Canada (FDA app, with a script), posted by ghost on September 28, 2004, at 8:32:11

> > Most of the 'horror' stories are made up by American drug companies who don't want to lose their market share.
> This is not true. Please don't make these assumptions. Pharmaceutical companies don't generally make drugs for the sake of making a profit. There are far more adventageous profit-making routes profit-mongers could take, and most pharma companies actually want to help people, improve their lives, and make a difference.

Of course they are only out to make a profit, as they are a for-profit industry, and there is no other evidence to indicate otherwise. There is nothing egalitarian about them...they are out for the profit, period. Like making a car that is safe and makes transportation easier, their motive and end product is no different then a car maker's.

> Yes, they *are* protecting their assets-- when it takes over $1mill to get a drug on the market that's safe and effective, they do have a stake in this debate, but they are also looking out for the lives that are at stake when using sub-par "medications" from unknown sources.

Airlines, car makers, they all invest millions, with no guarantee. Again, I assure you quite easily a car made in Canada passes the same safety standards as one in America. When it comes to drugs, Canada has even been tighter on safety standards, recently with the Serzone withdrawl from the market.

> >Seriously, there are millions of U.S. citizens from individuals, to groups, to even towns and cities who get their meds from Canada. And, I assure you, as a Canadian, Canada has some of the strictest codes and rules around medication in the world..much more regulation than the U.S.
> This is also not true. If anything, the regulations are slightly different, but I would not say "better."

Did I say the word "better"? No. Again, the fact points to large border towns making trips to Canada to buy the cheaper version of the exact same drug made in the U.S.

> Furthermore, one of the real problems is that companies are *pretending* to be Canadian in order to secure foreign business-- when in actuality, the company is from another country entirely who imports drugs from *another* country that does NOT have the stringent quality requirements that the US has. For example, a so-called Canadian pharmacy was recently shut down because they were actually operating from the Bahamas-- importing drugs from other countries that are well-known to have lower quality standards (if any). Many of the drugs were mislabeled, and none of them were being stored properly. Perhaps the drugs being ordered/imported ARE the right drugs and of adequate quality, but if they are not being stored under controlled conditions (temperature, light, humidity), they could become ineffective (or worse-- harmful) due to degradation.

Yes, you are right, but a legit company is very easy to spot from a shaddy one. The American drug companies have been using silly examples of people getting spam emails advertised as 'Canadian'. Goto a website like and you will see the difference. It doesn't take much investigation to figure out a legit source.

> I could go on, but I probably pissed enough people off with what I've said thus far.

No, no. This is an important debate.

> I'm not saying that the cost of drugs is not a problem. I myself am going without what I need because of the cost right now, and I have a secure job. I can't imagine living on a fixed/limited income and not being able to afford what I should rightfully have access to. The whole healthcare system in the US needs to be re-evaluated and revamped entirely. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" should be re-evaluated. LIFE. We all have the right to healthcare and medication. But putting our own lives in danger by taking medication from unknown sources and of unknown quality and efficacy is not the way to do it.

That's the this notion of people "putting their lives in danger" is smoke being blown up in the face by the drug companies. They no they are going to have to lower their prices towards Canadian ones, but they will scream and struggle until they do so.





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