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Re: B2Chica Ivan Michael

Posted by B2Chica on September 28, 2004, at 14:21:43

In reply to B2Chica, posted by Ivan Michael on September 27, 2004, at 15:49:40

I'll take that hug but it'd better be a bear hug!

-are you happy to be off the meds? i was recently taken off all mine as well- now just on trazadone for sleep (though that's not working anymore). but my new pdoc is reevaluating me-kinda starting from scratch and he doens't believe in tons of medications. he's really great.
-are you being monitored being off? still checking in with pdoc and stuff? at least a GP just to make sure your bod's ok.

-i am assuming her aunt just made things worse for her. i am sorry to hear that. life can be such a terrible struggle sometimes, but just keep that fire in your belly and we'll pull eachother through even if we get scraped up along the way!

-and please know that you ARE a great friend. you did Exactly what you should have done. everyone reacts differently when their in "that place". you never know what to say afraid to set them off, or send them running. it's best sometimes to just say nothing and hold their hand-just letting them know you are there.
AND believe me when i say, no matter WHAT happens to your friend (or anyone else in your life) you do NOT control others responses to you or their actions. that is NOT your responsibility, you can ONLY control yourself and the words you say and the actions you take.
i think you did a great job and ARE an incredible friend!
and no denying it or i'll have to spank you ;6)

-so sorry to hear about the rough stuff with your girlfriend and all. Sometimes the pressure of all others just suffocates a person. sometimes it's the most well meaning that makes things the worst for a person.
Just remember-you don't need anymore excess stress. You focus on yourself! and just take ONE DAY at a time. that' all ANYONE can do, and if anyone asks more of you just flat out tell them NO. Sorry, that's all i can promise for right now.

-and i KNOW this isn't what you want to hear but i can't help myself. As much as you two may love eachother-you deserve someone who has no doubts about being with you. to love all of you, to share hopes dreams and truth with you. to stand by your side no matter what. someone that when you're driving down the road in rush hour traffic alone makes you laugh to yourself thinking of something they said or did.
You are a wonderful young man and have SO much to see and do. remember no matter what happens -follow your gut, trust yourself and know that everything happens for a reason. (not to be confused with fate)

And here's LOTS o' LOVE right back attcha (((((((((((((Mr.Ivan Michael!))))))))))))))
and some of my super vibes for strength if ya need it >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>





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