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Posted by simus on May 13, 2004, at 22:05:13

In reply to RE:: Hey everyone, posted by mystic on May 13, 2004, at 18:40:31

> I feel like I'm just crashing more and more...Everyday for me is a struggle and I just feel like I'm not going to pull out of it this time...I am sick of the ups and downs on this med...I feel like it never is even and that I'm just not coming out of it..I'm scared all the time and I feel like I'm useless to anyone and that I just dont know how much longer I can do this...I know that I'm not helping myself by not going up on my dosage to 15mgs but I listen to other people and it just doesnt sound like it does them any good..and my cycle is like every other friggin week!!!!


Don't give up hope!!! If you aren't on the right dose or even the right med, hold out hope that you will find the right combination. I tried 15mg and 20mg (even 30mg) before I gave up on Lexapro. But 15 or 20 works great for some people. It is easier to increase a dosage than to change completely, so consider trying the increase before you completely give up. I know what it is like to feel useless, but you HAVE TO view this as a temporary condition, which it is!

> ...I should be happy I have a great great great life I have a great job good pay..great husband...wonderful new grandson...wonderful daughter and I still cant be happy I still struggle and feel like this isnt going to go away ever again!!!!!!!!!!...

Oh, sweetie, don't give up hope! I was virtually sick in bed for most of 3-4 months, and now I feel like conquering the world. So don't give up. And all of the best circumstances in the world can't make you happy when you have a chemical imbalance. Be kind to yourself, especially right now.
> I feel like I shouldnt be posting because I dont want to bring anyone down I try to be positive when I post not so negative but I just cant right now..

That's what we're here for - to pull each other through. That's what "Sista's" do. *wink*

>I know that it is my own fault for being so damn phobic about the meds but I convince myself that this just isnt going to work for me and that if i go up I will be worse...My mind is just a terrible thing it works against me so much...
I have a feeling you are probably reluctant about the drugs for the same reason as the rest of us, bad reactions in the past. But if this isn't working for you, sweetie, you have to try something...

> I'm sorry guys I wish for you all to feel good and I appreciate everything you do for me...I pray every night for all of us to find the happiness and peace of mind that we so desperately need..I'm sorry if I bring anyone down and will be back when I feel better and can contribute something to the group...I love you all...Take care Mystic

You'll be in my prayers. God bless you.




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