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Re: iq shmikeyou sienna

Posted by Larry Hoover on November 28, 2003, at 6:27:14

In reply to iq shmikeyou, posted by sienna on November 27, 2003, at 12:51:24

> its interesting how many people have come and posted iqs. its like we are all compelled. why do we feel like we need to do that?

Because if you do score a non-typical score, it feels like you've been identified as being significantly different than your peers, but like many have pondered, what is the meaning of this number? What significance could it possibly have?

> Ive been tested a few times and mine has varied with my state of mental health. BUT when my depression/anxiety etc were worse, i scored much much lower.
> Plus, i am very curious where the normal people are. I mean, there are only like 2.275%
> of the population is above 130 and hardly any of those even are above 145. (only 3 people in a 1000 are 160 or above. ) i guess the normal people dont want to post maybe because the feel inadequate or something with all the geniuses and gifted here.

If anyone with a high IQ number is interested, you might want to track down Mensa, an organization for the extremely high IQ people. Just for the record, there are plumbers and doctors and drifters and millionaires. Just like any group identified on a single criterion, all other criteria are totally varied.

> I dont know. Im just making some observations. In any case I dont think IQ means very much.
> SIenna

The tests are flawed, but they're the best we've got. When I studied psychometrics (basically, psych testing of all sorts), we looked at the assumptions underlying IQ tests, among others (the MMPI is fascinating), and there isn't even agreement on what intelligence measures of it are inherently more abstract than the ill-defined assumptions upon which the testing itself is based.





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