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AWESOME Temmie!!!! :-) :-) » Temmie

Posted by galkeepinon on August 29, 2003, at 1:23:17

In reply to Dena! Fallsfall! Galkeepinon!, posted by Temmie on August 28, 2003, at 19:05:45

So glad to hear-it sounds like everything worked out quite well!!!! I went to school in California:-) Which great university did he end up at-if you don't mind me asking?
This is great, and you sound very pleased and I am happy for you!!!!Hope it all continues:-)
God Bless!!!!

> In alphabetical order .... Dena! Fallsfall! Galkeepinon! My goodness, maybe I need to move back to Psycho-Babble Faith now – I feel so blessed to have enjoyed your company today, and the kind words of wisdom (and wise words of kindness) you’ve all shared.
> Wowie!
> Good news. I heard from J (by phone). He was excited to tell me about his trip through the Mojave desert, past Joshua’s Tree, etc. etc., views of Mount Whitney, etc., and the adventures of his climb (with the small group he was with) up above the clouds, some 13-14 thousand feet somewhere in the High Sierras. He made some good friends. In fact, he said that more than once. All of these new friends are from the Bay Area, Oregon, or wherever – so he’s happy to have made connections with people who know the west coast. They’re trying to organize a trip to San Diego and Mexico for Sunday .... He sounded so happy!
> I asked if he’d read my email(s), and he said yes, but that first he wanted to tell me more about Black Lake, glacial wonders, the unbelievable blue of the sky, etc., and – then – I can’t believe this, but he asked if I’d help calm his dad down, and also said, “Daddy didn’t even have a hand in raising me. He’s clueless. He doesn’t listen, and I don’t have time to talk with him if he’s planning a long, detailed rampage that has nothing to do with reality.”
> “This is college,” he went on. “It’s not like you think .... Does he think I’m manic-depressive or something? I’m fine. I’m fine and I’m busy with orientation meetings, placement exams, meetings with advisors, etc. Just, please, if you can, try to get him to calm down.”
> Fallsfall, I made some very eloquent apologies about inappropriate things I said, and told him I didn’t have a right to ... how did I put it .... say things that were “untoward” about his dad. That I knew he loved us both, and ... on and on and on. And, yes, I said I would try to let Tim know that J was doing just fine, to assuage some of his fears.
> I am so relieved. And I am so grateful – to all of you – for sharing so much of your heart, words, wisdom, wit and time.
> Thank you and bless you all. I am sending big (((hugs))) to each of you!
> Much love,
> Temmie
> Oh, P.S. – In answer to your questions, J hasn’t told me he hates me, or that he resents me .... But he’s certainly done his share of rolling his eyes, raising his voice in response to simple questions, and arguing his counter points when I’ve broached the subject of curfews, etc. Coming in at 3:30 a.m.? I just thought that was a bit much for an 18-year old. Oh well. And, yes, my letter was too self-deprecating. Darn it! We are all so hard on ourselves – or perhaps I’d best speak for myself. I’m too hard on myself, and didn’t do either of us any justice in taking such a “woe is me, I’m a failure” point of view.
> This was a good experience for me ... a good reminder to write from the heart – but then to give myself the necessary cooling-off period before rereading/rethinking things I’ve said. And, believe me – when I need help in the future – Fallsfall, I’m going to track you down!
> Galkeepinon. I am speechless. Thank you for your kind words. I hope that letter from your dad is forthcoming - and close with the love of a mother, a sister and a friend.
> Dena - I'm anxious to reconnect with how you're doing. You, too, Fallsfall. It's such a bummer that I continue to have these computer problems at home. I went to microsoft.update last night (or whatever it's called), and updated lots of stuff that needed tending to, but, alas -- I'm still stuck at August 10th (unless reading/writing from the public library). I will have to visit there toon -- in the meantime -- if each of you would direct me to things you've posted that I need catching up on -- please do so. I'll be along shortly ....
> That’s all for now. The wind is rattling the leaves out back, and I promised I would go for some “reconnecting with nature” time today. Please take some time to go outside tonight and look at Mars! I was out as early as 10 p.m. central time, and could clearly see “his” shining brightness and glory in the southeast part of the sky.
> Again, here’s closing with love and blessings for all of you.
> T.




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