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I'm back, and Oh what a couple of days!!

Posted by NikkiT2 on August 28, 2003, at 13:04:07

Hi guys.. I'm back again :o)

the break did me alot of good.. I did read, and cheered on some people, but it was very healthy for me not to reply.

But *sighs* last night I really needed this place...

Because of last weeks surgery, and monday being a holiday here, I ran out of my Amisulpride on Monday night.. stupidly I over slept on Tuesday morning and couldn't get an appointment with my GP. One night should be fine I though. So I see my GP on Wednesday morning, and she says that because my Psychiatrist hasn't informed them of my change to Amisulpride they won't prescribe it. I suggest she calls him, so she does that and he's of work till friday. She then says that there is nothing she can do about this and I just have to put up with it. I was so so angry I just burst into tears and left (this followed another nasty comment from her). I rang my psychiatrist when i got back and the earliest I could see him was next Tuesday.
I thought I'd be OK though.. but by 2am last night I was in a total mess. I'm not sure if it was withdrawal or not, but it was horrible. I could feel insects crawling all over me, so clearly - not just itches.. I could see black bugs crawling all over the lounge floor, hundreds of the things.. and I kept seeing a man trying to climb in my lounge window out of the corner of my eye. I was too scared to move and this was the only place I knew would understand
I ended up taking a load of (but not enough to cause harm) anti histamines to try and make me sleep and stop the bugs on my skin.. I finally fell asleep about 6am.

felt better today, no hallucinations or anything but very angry.. called GP at 10am to be told to call back at 11:30. called back at 11:30 and GP was still busy - was told she would call me back. By 3pm she'd still not called so I rang again, and she'd gone home and not left my ifo with anyone else.
By 4:30 I was planning to take an OD just to teach them a lesson, but I realised this was stupid, so called the Emergency Psychiatric Service.. they arranged to meet me at my GP surgery at 5:20.. I met them there and the pdoc they sent was really nice and sweet.. and sorted me out a prescription straight away.. But the practice manager took me to one side and asked me to aplogise to the receptionist who I'd been "f'ing and blinding at".. well, all I said to her was "this is a b****y joke" when she told me GP had gone home - thats hardly f'ing and blinding.

Anyway.. so I have my medication now, so hopefully tonight won't be so bad as last niht.. thank heavens. It wasn't pleasant.

Good to be back *smiles*

Nikki xx




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