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Re: The runs......oh yeah and tina

Posted by leeran on April 25, 2003, at 15:30:30

In reply to Re: The runs......oh yeah and, posted by tina on April 25, 2003, at 14:40:12

A few of my least favorite things?

Yes, repeated phone numbers said in a certain tone of voice can be very annoying to me as well.

Most days I find the voices of NPR announcers irritating (perhaps because they sound sooooo controlled and I usually feel so out of control?).

Moving along - catch phrases that I know are coming in those direct marketing commercials . . .

"And that's not all, call now and as an added bonus you will receive blah blah blah" which is exactly why we have two "choppers" tucked away in a cabinet (and we forget to use both).

Or, "The next first fifty callers will receive, as an added bonus, blah blah." BUT, what if you're the fifty first? Do you still get it? What if you call in and they say "we've already had fifty calls and everything is gone," even though you know you called within nanoseconds of the commercial? By the way, all these "what ifs" are what govern my life.

BUT, I just realized that I wasn't as "what iffy" today! I drove all the way back home from downtown LA and didn't become perturbed once! And it wasn't like there weren't reasons. A heavy truck pulled out in front of me and turned left after the light had turned red, cars were poking out beyond stop signs in that maneuver I call the "watch out, lady, I'm gonna edge into traffic that's going 35 m.p.h. and you're just gonna have to stop."

Basically, today was a typical drivers training simulator video. And none of it unnerved me. When the truck pulled out (which should have been the deal breaker) I just sighed.

Oh yeah, and "that's not all," I just remembered the guy who was driving an Escalade, talking on his cell phone, and cruising right through a red light (to the amazement of traffic in both directions).

Typically, I would have "what iffed" THAT one all the way home ("what if I had been three seconds further down the road and he ran that light and hit me on the passenger's side, what if I died in traffic and T had to pick up N from school and tell him, what if I got hit and hadn't seen my parents in over a year).

It sounds like I'm what iffing right now, but I had to sit here and force myself into thinking what I would normally do in that instance (first, the chest pounding rush of adrenaline, then relief, then anger, then the little piggy went "what if" all the way home).

Somehow, my brain managed to by-pass all that today.

This is my brain on meds?




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