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Whattaya mean, old?

Posted by whiterabbit on April 25, 2003, at 13:13:41

In reply to Re: wise ole rabbit.., posted by leeran on April 25, 2003, at 11:19:42

Thank you so much for the sincere compliments, I really needed it on this gray morning. Afternoon. 8^)

My family has been telling me for years that I should take up some form of writing as a career. On my birthday, they gave me a Writer's Market book ("8000 editors who buy what you write") and signed me up for a writing course. I had every intention of going, but 2 days before the class started, my husband announced that he wanted a divorce. (His timing has been exquisite in all matters large and small. Did I mention that he waited until I had no job and no money for the first and only time in our 20 years together.)

For awhile I was too traumatized to get in my car and drive around the block, much less get myself
to a strange classroom and participate in a meaningful way. Besides, the theme of the class was,"Write Your Life Story". Can you imagine the look on the teacher's face when she started reading all the 4-letter words in my paper. I just couldn't do it.

But maybe I'll figure something out. I can't imagine what I'd write about if I wasn't whining about my life, but wouldn't it be great if I turned out to be the next Anne Rice or something
and made a billion dollars. (Okay, everyone should have a fantasy.) I'd send an autographed copy of every book to my ex and the occasional postcard from my island paradise mansion.

I must be moving right along in the recovery process because previously, my only fantasy was to run him over 3 times like that woman in Texas did to her cheatin husband. Yee-ha.

Thanks again, you guys.




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