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Re: Good interview with a great writer, Andrew Solomon

Posted by Gabbi on July 28, 2002, at 21:26:09

In reply to Re: Good interview with a great writer, Andrew Solomon, posted by Lini on July 28, 2002, at 20:31:15

I almost cried with relief reading "Noonday Demon". My first episode with Depression/Anxiety 10 years ago resulted in my being frightened of the bathtub and the phone.
To see similar experiences written in his book was almost unbelievable. In retrospect though my fears weren't really as tangible as all that.
I think they were rooted in the fact that for the first time ever, I felt so sick with dread and hopelessness THAT the things that could at one time draw me out of what I'd thought of as being depressed (phoning a friend, taking a hot bath) no longer could could comfort me. In a convoluted way I became frightened by them.

I feel so fortunate, that My Dad heard about the book on C.B.C. and read it of his own volition or he never would have considered it "valid".
If I'd asked him to read it, he wouldn't have bothered. I mean I could be lying with a knife in back, and he'd say "oh you've just been reading too many of those crime novels again"

As it is his actions towards me have changed in every way. The rest of my family though, is still alienated by my "weakness", and refusal to 'grow up.
I feel bad that it didn't do the same for you Tabitha, really, I don't know what would have happened to me without it.
My Dad is my only support (who I see)and that is soley because he read "Noonday Demon" after he'd kicked me out for my "laziness" in March. He reads all books recommended on C.B.C. so the fact that it was about depression wasn't signifcant to him.
The book has been the only significant comfort and help to me that isn't a medication. And I've as most of has read endlessly on the subject.

Darkness Visible I would definately recommend. not that Phil needs me to approve) It is short, "reader friendly" and interesting, while being as descriptive as I think is possible about the illness to people who haven't suffered it.
It's the kind of book you can leave lying around and someone might actually read it.
Its been years since I read it, but I think It also mentions the author Albert Camus thoughts that depression and suicide were weaknesses, a cop out, until he himself succumbed to depression. That might register with some "chin up" types.

I don't know about everyone but It seems the only people I know who will read a book about depression that I actually suggest, are the ones who are already open minded enough to be of some support even if they don't exactly "get it"

I don't usually gush but I want to kiss Andrew Solomons feet in gratitude.

Gabbi Gabbi




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