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Re: Greg

Posted by Kristi on September 6, 2001, at 9:49:07

In reply to Re: I'm sorry, but Yahoo sucks... Wendy B., posted by Greg on September 6, 2001, at 9:38:18

Hi Greg,

Obviously.... you are the president of another message website. Would you be willing to post what that is? Would like a visit?!


> Wendy,
> I've been running a Yahell group for over a year and over half of the members don't have Yahell e-mail addresses. The friendly personnel at admin is, shall we say, yanking your chain? When I get some time this afternoon, I'll create a new e-mail thru excite or hotmail or something like that and write down the process and then post the steps to PBA if you like. I know there's a way around this. BTW, I do use a Yahoo e-mail for my group, I just know that you don't have to.
> ICQ is an option if you don't mind getting XXX sites mailed to you every two hours or so...
> Greg
> > > when i opened an e-mail account a year or so ago i chose yahoo because it sounded happy and whimsical...the only other option i knew of, hotmail, sounded like, lewd or something...
> > >
> > > when i signed into chat the other night (under the influence of alcohol, admittedly) i was shocked that my yahoo adress appeared on the list of chat-ees! 'cos my e-mail addy is my first and middle name. i don't know how much i even care about anonymity here, it feels safe, all yall seem to be far far away, and what've i got to hide anyway, but--i've got to agree. Yahoo is a bitch.
> > >
> > > i don't know much about computers/chatting, but aren't there lots of chatrooms available? i know that at icq you can create your own but then anyone could join in and that would be kind of weird (i imagine pranksters would be drawn to the "psycho-social babble" title--maybe we could name it something completely innocuous and boring, like Lawn Maintenance or Quilting Today or DataClerks Daily?
> > >
> > > sar
> >
> >
> >
> > LOVE IT! Sar, you're the best... Quilting Today would get a lot of people, I'm sure! Anyway, yeah, one time last year, I think, the same thing happened, and my real e-mail address appeared on Yahoo... I was similarly mortified. The interface (the thing people like you and I see) is very confusing, and makes people put the wrong thing in the boxes. In the psy-babble administration post, I asked if this was the complaint dept as a joke, I know Dr. Bob is not responsible for the Yahoo troubles, nor can he do anything about them. The only thing we could do is find another chat provider and split off, making a post every week or so on the PSB board that it's taking place on another site. I'm not really up on these things, but maybe we can find out somehow where else we could do it... What's ICQ?
> >
> > BTW, I asked Yahoo admin if I could lose the e-mail but stay in Yahoo Groups, but they said no... How did people like Willow and Greg sign on without getting a yahoo e-mail address? I'm still baffled, and I'm somewhat of a geek! ... What gives??? Anybody out there who gets it?
> >
> > Here's hoping we can chat in this lifetime. I'm uncomfortable going into P-Babble chat open at the moment...
> >
> > Yers,
> >
> > Wendy




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