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Re: time and times

Posted by alexandra_k on February 10, 2020, at 23:01:26

In reply to Re: time and times, posted by alexandra_k on February 10, 2020, at 22:52:02

And that is the way of doing business.

And they try and pick people who are incompetent as whatever they pick them for. More importantly, they try and pick people who don't want to do whatever it is that they pick them for.

For example, maybe someone says they want to be a surgeon. Because, you know, they watch TV and it seems cool.

So then they pick them to do colo-rectal surgery. But that doesn't seem cool. They don't like that. They don't want to do that.

It isn't about having lecturers who are good at what they do and who teach the GI tract really well. Showing how interesting and cool it is from the perspecitive of histology. It isn't about showing people and seeing some of the students naturally take to it and enjoy it and want to pursue that more. It isn't about giving the students teh time and space to develop genuine interest and motivation for teh right reasons (e.g., because doing colonoscopy well and being able to biopsy / remove at the point of colonoscopy could really save lives). Rather... They will pick someone to do it... Someone who would really rather be wearing a fancy suit and going to meetings in Hawaii and hearing themselves talk and watching many many many people all watching them talk...

And they will be picked to do it.

Then they will use their position (where they are paid to do the colonoscopy) to do the things they want to do... The meetings. The talking. The conferences. Crying for money more money more money.

Just so that nobody gets the timely surgeries.

Because of our micromismanagement of the situation. BEing heavy handed in telling people what they would get to do with their lives.

So they go on to feel like they made it by doing what they wanted all along (grubbing the money me-wards).

ANd of course preventing the people who wanted to do the job (actually do the job) actually for the right reasons... For accomplishing anything at all, here.

Because, you know, here is all about following the money and taking as much as you can get because you can get it... And then using the money you have got to make sure that the people around you have less and less and less and less and less and less and less. Because that is what *making it* really really means.

And, of course, because none of those people would voluntarily have anything to do with you, if they could get away from you.

So they keep slaves.

We need better mechanisms for getting people out.

New Zealanders are doing worse than any other developed nation and many other developing nations. Worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse every year.

Things are very very very very very corrupt, here. Things are so very corrupt here that nobody knows what corruption *is*. They say it's culturally normal or how we do things here.

But there is no such thing as that when it comes to how international money is spent in this country.




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