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Re: I dont know what to say when people lose game

Posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2016, at 6:32:47

In reply to Re: I dont know what to say when people lose game, posted by alexandra_k on August 16, 2016, at 6:12:55

There is something that you are supposed to do...

When people lose game. They are submitting to you, or something. You are supposed to rise to the occasion by... Consoling them? Encouraging them? Something like that. I think.

Basically... It isn't about golf anymore. Or whatever it was that you may have thought it was about. Whatever it was that it was supposed to be about.

It isn't about that, anymore. Instead... It is about you looking after them. Helping them feel better...



I'm down on this because... It got to the point where I was questioning whether anything had any value at all... What enabled us to say that one thing had more value than another... And so on... Because I couldn't work on my PhD thesis so very much because other people couldn't manage to wash their dishes with things other than shampoo (if I was lucky)...


There is something about how if you argue with an idiot for long enough then you must start to wonder who the idiot really is...

You really could waste your life trying to engage in rational discourse with the intellectually handicapped. You could find yourself spending most of your life wondering what justifies your regarding them as intellectually handicapped...

Etc etc...

Or you could just walk away. Honestly.

It isn't like you were in the position of being able to help them before, at all...

Just walk away.

And watch the psychopaths take control...

I don't quite understand how people who pretend to be stupid... People who are stupid?? People who feign stupidity... Profiteer quite so much. Hitler's agenda would have progressed so very much further if only he bad picked exceptionally stupid and / or psychopathic mentally ill and Jewish people to advance the cause of 'humanity'.

I think the NZ health system is doing something like that.. I don't entirely understand why. I don't understand why teaching hospitals aren't desirable . Maybe I'm off... I thought that was part of what was going on with the whole research triangle thing... Teaching hospitals.. Providing quality, equitable care.

Here... Things are just going down.. Have gone down the toilet. I don't understand why.

Partly... Seems to be about corruption, yes. And then partly about the idea of just deserts. People made it through the horrid system and out the other side - now's there chance to be horrid...

Partly it does seem to be about psychopaths... Our determination to take out certain kids before degree programs, even. Don't get me wrong... In doing a degree program, I'm starting to see why the hell it is you want your kid taken out first available opportunity. WHy have degree programs deteriorated to that? partly in the name of 'equity'. Sure. Giving degrees to people who can't read and can't write in the name of equity. So they can teach their kids that they don't need to read or to write in order to get a degree in life...

There comes a point where anyone who's not completely insane or severely intellectually handicapped just turns and walks away. Why? Why the f*ck? I don't understand.




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