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Re: Getting along in a sh*t-slinging world

Posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2013, at 16:16:04

In reply to Re: Getting along in a sh*t-slinging world Phillipa, posted by Partlycloudy on December 7, 2013, at 15:28:15

> Seems to me I was being told (collectively? Or singled out?) to get used to the sh*t slinging, because that's life.
> Actually, it doesn't have to be.

maybe it depends on what you think 'sh*t' is. i mean... it is pretty sh*t about your kitchen being renovated... the impact that that has had on you.

on the one hand... it is sh*t.

but on the other hand it is good, right. i mean... you end up with a renovated kitchen, yeah? which is meant to be... better. i guess that is the idea. you pay them a bunch of money and put up with then invading your space for a while in order to get... a better kitchen.

still pretty sh*t going through the process of renovations, though, i would have thought.

in that sense... well... the weather turns to sh*t sometimes. people do stuff we don't like... don't do stuff we don't like... we don't earn as much money as we like... we don't get that promotion. we don't get that job. we don't get that voluntary job. we need to take these meds. we need to put up with depression or traumatic pasts or...

i mean in that sense...

sh*t happens. so... little to be done but figure some way to rage a little less.

that is what i took anyway. wfiw.

on the other hand... other sorts of sh*t are relatively easily avoided (if we are lucky enough to be in the position). leaving a partner who smashes your face in, for example. don't need to put up with that... often. not hanging out with friends where it is true that: 'with friends like these who needs enemies'. not staying in a job where you are the victim of sexual harrassment. etc etc etc. that kind of sh*t... one is better off without if one has the power, for sure.

then there is stuff that is sh*t for me and perhaps not sh*t for you. and vice versa. that stuff gets harder... weighing costs and benefits...




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