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Re: Psychobabble Reunion

Posted by Dr. Bob on August 10, 2013, at 0:38:23

In reply to Re: Psychobabble Reunion, posted by alexandra_k on August 9, 2013, at 19:45:39

> Babblechat is iffy with lots of freezes and lack of refreshing, but perhaps we could experiment with browsers and see if any of them work. Or we could decide on a different host chat.

Babblechat is definitely iffy now, for some reason, but there are at least work-arounds.

> Dr. Bob, I don't mean to be unwelcoming, but I was thinking of this more as a group of us who had been in therapy together, and going through so much of the same thing at the same time. You certainly have been a topic in enough of my sessions, but it's not the same thing. I don't want to speak for others, but perhaps you could join us for part of the reunion instead of all of it? Some or perhaps all of the group would love to talk with you, of course, but we'd also like the type of conversations that might not be as easy with someone on the other side of the couch, so to speak, who hasn't shared our experiences.
> Dinah

I understand wanting some time to yourselves. That's fine with me.


> i suppose the idea was for me to cause bob or whoever i felt had hurt me to feel as distressed as i did. then they would see that they had the power to change it. then... well... they might change it.

> i think... i hope... i believe... that i've progressed from that place. and i'm not likely to return. not least because i am more resilent... i don't think i'll be as dependent on these boards as i have been at certain points in the past... and also because i think the lengthy blocks had a lot to do with how many posts there were on the boards... and... i don't imagine that babble will get that busy again.

> i don't feel like many people get me. this is hard to explain... there are different levels of getting... or being understood. i... feel that bob gets me, and perhaps that i get him like i really don't feel for very many people in this would. i could count those people on one hand. on less than half of one hand... i'm not sure why. probably partly a right kind (and there are a few - my last t got me and he was fairly non-verbal) of blend between having stuff going on but not being intrusive about it... and an ability to see... i don't know. i don't know what it is.
> yes i do. because he can contain me. i can't kill him. or hurt him sufficiently to deform him, break him, result in his retaliation. at least... that is my story. and i'm sticking to it. insofar as the retaliation thing goes... i blame that on the boards being unweildy.
> alexandra_k

I think it had to do with both how many posts there were and how I was handling them. The model then was posters depending on the administration to use its power to define and enforce boundaries to make this a refuge. Certain refuges require very strong boundaries.

I don't think Babble is likely to return to that.

Speaking of blocks, I've been struck how posters who were blocked a year -- an eon in Internet terms -- have sometimes returned and resumed posting, sometimes actively. I might also get in trouble mentioning names, but Alex and Homely and Lou are all examples.


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