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Anyone know why our Psychology posts end up here?

Posted by violette on August 6, 2010, at 1:24:32

What is the purpose of this?

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Psycho-Babble Psychology Threads

Core Issues -- Daisym 7/1/10

Do you know what your core issues are? I've run up against something in group that, after much discussion with my...

when therapist lies -- tetrix 7/2/10

I am interested to know what would anyone of you guys do if you found out that your therapist lied to you? I prefer not to...

moving on... -- violette 7/2/10

I didn't want to just 'disappear'...I found a new home-it's just been difficult making the full transition, especially when...

Emergence of true Consciousness -- Christ_empowered 7/4/10

Hey. I didn't know what else to title my post, so sorry if it seems kind of odd. I've noticed lately that I seem more...

Transcendent Intelligence? -- Christ_empowered 7/4/10

Does anyone know what this is? A couple of years ago a shrink told me I had it. I googled it and came up with a bunch of...

Letter to T: Long, Creative, Necessary and Unsent -- Marie Box 7/5/10

Can we just talk today, T? No goal for the session or anything... I don't want to make plans or fix things or listen to...

Me musing -- mystickangaroo 7/7/10

Hi Everybody My t is on holidays and I am feeling a bit lost. And ticked off that she gets a holiday from me but i don't get...

Moarning and groaning and suffering... again... -- 64Bowtie 7/8/10

I recently took over as caregiver for my 89 year old Dad... He left the apartment grumbling... As he left I was saying...

I just can't sleep.... -- obsidian 7/9/10

it's just not happening but I didn't sleep enough last night either busy, busy head ugh...this is frustrating

I had one of the worst days I've had in a while... -- obsidian 7/12/10

seriously, my mother did a Joan Crawford today... holy sh*t she really did and I remember why it is that I am not close to...

Is there life after psychoanalysis? (trigger) -- ralphrost2 7/12/10

Hi all, I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for about 7 years now. I'm doing therapy for about 3 years, and...

I can't tell you yet..... -- obsidian 7/13/10

about how hard things have been I guess I did, just a heads up, and a "know that I can handle it, it'll be ok...

Music for psychology -- Lou Pilder 7/15/10

Friends, ou

Horrible session; time to REALLY terminate? -- healingmysoul 7/15/10

Sorry, I haven't been active in the forums, but my physical Sx have gotten the best of me.... I have been dealing with so...

Transition with Old T not really working for me... -- TherapyGirl 7/16/10

I talked to her on the phone this morning. The last 2 phone calls have been painful. I can feel and hear the difference in...




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