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Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on July 7, 2009, at 1:09:24

Short topic, in the past....i posted about fear. It can manifest into a nightmare, to the point, where you will do anything to get away from it.

It's the feeling of "awkwardness" leading impending danger. And, you bet, the depth's of the pit i've been in from fear, panic, of something inflicted from someone, or my own mistake from doing something w/being aware, it litterly changes the aspect how you see life.

In my case. I thought in High School it would end, nope. It's all around you, it's how you accept it, what awareness level you at. Dopamine is a "trigger", also it can warn, you a feeling of survival, and norephineprine, the "flight-or fight nuerotransmitter"

Nothing, really but belief, and knowing what your dealing with is going to save (in my case) from what ever....random, things happen. Alot of it, is from error's from the past that pop back up at you, and muliply in magnitude much more.

The most extreme fear....i've used as an example in speech class in collage, was the end of Alien '79, the amount of terror "that is real", you see the "flight-fight response", adrenaline at the max, hallways lost, not knowing what's going to happen, something that just wiped out the crew, and the ship on a automated detonation sequence, and saving your cat. (The Actress Played a great role). Movie had it's day, but it's still rermember'd.

In life, being aware of things some people don't have to be worried about. Why?'s called the way of life. Some people can lay back and say "ahhh, this is the good life" while other's live in terror/suffering.

Fear takes you to a diffrent level of reality, in senses, you sense things more than normal, hearing, smelling, senseing feelings that are coming from "no where", and it's a matter of survival. In a situation or the world, or a house.

That's all





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