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Could someone read, this is what's been going

Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on June 14, 2009, at 11:49:23

I'm going to have to make this quick. There is a situation that's going on at home, i cannot put this on the web. Yet there is mental abuse that takes place, you have to tune it out. Yet...there is someone that is doing this through manipulation.

The reason i've been posting here for years, in the beggining, was just plain advice. About life. What happened, during the years of 2004-2005 there was so much turnoil that happened it ended that "frame" of life. 2006-2008 was, know i realize it, i just forgot about what happened to not keep that memory of what happened. SAT i failed, my mother hid letter's from North Texas, coulndt get into collage. That was her form of control, then for a while it was fine.....i just went with the flow. 2007 was a good year...yet there was no accomplisments that happened.

I don't spill the gut's out here, the point this woman will not let me even call for help. Takes the phone away from 911. And this isnt't an exageration, if you where seeing what i'm seeing what is happening. The outer appearance is a logical explanation of what's happening, but not the inner heart. I've collapsed, yet, i cannot call my doctor, who w/talking with someone yet lied about it, i went into the session, i called because "mental abuse" is happening, it would of been 10x better if i didnt/havent called in the first place. One thing, don't ever trust what a doctor/anyone say's, they lie, and talk behind your back. In somecases, not all. Because i've seen people who have good relation/s w/a therpist/ yet through the manipulation of someone going to them, tell false/or exageratted information. I guess going to a doctor, is going to a gossip line. Get on the phone and talk trash. In this case.

The reason, i'm saying, i've seen public figures that i've looked up to, yet there is no contact that i can make because there is someone preventing, cutting off life, telling the doctor/doing things w/out telling...the breakdowns that have happened, turned into fragment's. Yet, it continuies. It's control, manipulation, from someone that is rat, that is doing this behind the scenes. If the news hears this, which i'm not AT ALL to use this for a situation that happening. I know there is, alot of cataptrophe happening in the world. I know...i know there alot happening, NightLine be more than happy to get on, and give advice. Nancy Grace, i don't care this needs to be told to pubic. Give advice to what is happening also currently in the world. Broadcast the truth, not w/her manipulation, yet help caller's that have a similar cirmstance. Yet that's a pipe dream, being an actor. All of this, it's cataphote itself over again, yet, why don't i just reach, forget about what's happening, let the law take of them. And help.

Please if you hear this, persona's rotate...not split/anything. Because people do not understand what is happening. Being taken away from therpists, a psychiatrist "cold turkey" i will not treat. Due because of a rat....i've confronted this person, she does deciet, lies, secret's, takes my own prescriptions, which years ago, it was another story. It's as if you beaten to the point you, scared to even go out, because this person will be antagonizing, to the point to get to their desolute, plan. If you don't understand, fine. Just pray the God of Hosts will take action.

I have to hid this...from people, because it is anightmare. People, if they/ knew what went place, in the past (which is not relevent)...yet it's still going on, to get worse. This, it's toxic to basically kill, i've already posted about breakdowns, lost mental functions, yet do people realize that's just a part of normal life, or the opposite. Take this, please print this off, send it someone where where you know someone will do something. I've done all i could, it's again again, antagonization. Is this a fun psychological "f*ck" with your mind game? What ever it is, let this message get to someone who is in authority.




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