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Yesterday and Today...some Triggers Happyflower

Posted by B2chica on May 23, 2008, at 15:01:41

In reply to Re: day one B2chica, posted by Happyflower on May 23, 2008, at 14:08:58

(((((((((HF))))))))) you so sweet.

well, ok maybe long post.
i've been posting on meds board today.
i've got some increasingly bad "aggitation" for lack of better word. not quite anger, not quite irritability. it's energy, fervor with a slight negative sarcastic side. so i guess aggitation??
ANYWAY, yesterday was bad, but i also had some weird 'intrusive thoughts', you know the bad S. kinda thoughts...but they were -what i told my T- "Frequent Flyers", they'd come, give me a terrible visual, bad thought and leave a bad feeling in my gut and then leave. but that was it...otherwise i was happy.

But last night was pretty bad only energy wise, but i got a LOT of housework done, scrubbed the floors spotless, maybe even rubbed the pattern off the linoleum? took littleone to doc appt-- she had to get shots :( , then i had to swing by target to get tylenol for her cuz she was almost out and i got sippy cups for her cuz i guess i should be switching her to those now instead of bottles (cept i just spent $$ to get larger nipples for the bottles 2 weeks ago grrrrrr) then came home cleaned house...sooooo cute while i was mopping she had the broom and was pushing it back and forth like mommy does (keep in mind she is about 14 mo old holding a full size broom!.) OMG sooo cute.

anyway, forgot milk at store, went to get that.
used the shark (cordless vaccum) to clean upstairs. and then played run around with littleone. she was a little cranky from shots at first but she wanted to run around so when i started doing that with her she was fine. i got her some new foods to try too. (which of course she didnt' ilke) did i get on this tangent..
ok talking too much.
i'm still a little manicky so i don't know if it hasn't quite kicked in yet, or if its' just the side effects exaccerbating it, OR if i just need a higher dosage????
stupid meds..who knows right. only time.

**************************Sex Trigger**
So anyway, last night i couldn't calm down so i took xanax and that started to knock me out but earlier in the night my DH and i started getting eachother riled up for "aggitation sex", and by the time little one was down for bed and he was done from outside he was then ready but i was ready for bed but i figured by this time what the heck why not. once we started i got a little energized again and i can't believe it i actually had an 'O'!!!!! it was the first time in Forever. i think since i started on meds/Lexapro last november i've only had about two 'O', granted we haven't had a lot of sex because of lack of mood (me) and psychological issues (me) but still when we do i just can't. so i was VERY happy about that. i'm hoping that the Geodon is reversing some of the Lexapro sexual side effects.

anyway, then this morning i was still kinda groggy from the xanax and of course i forgot my Ritalin! yikes.
my DH said he'd bring it to me but he didn't get here until 12:30!!! Talk about freaking aggitated!!!!
i had to go all morning without it so i was totally unfocused on work and VERY aggitated from med. it seems that the Ritalin helps to calm my aggitation. but when i took it this afternoon i made up for this morning lack of work. i got a project done that i've been working on for months...i was SO happy!

Sorry you asked HF???
i know i went on and on.

you have a Great weekend ok!
lots of love to you all!





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