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Posted by muffled on January 27, 2008, at 10:58:30

In reply to Re: dare i post? bout dissociation?, posted by star008 on January 27, 2008, at 7:57:24

>So, they should have some idea of what is it like to not be fully present.

> My dissociation is not quite driving along being farther than i thought i was.. Not quite like being absorbed in a movie either. But i guess it might give people a vague idea of what it is like.

*hmmm, thots.
I thinking and thinking.
I guess why I write bout this stuff is cuz I trying SO HARD to understand it.
I don't think most people have ANY idea of how it is to be further along the continuum of dissociation. Its just not the same animal at all IMHO.
I think part of what makes it so hard for me to figger is that it involves SO much CONFUSION.
I think another example that might be valid is how people feel when they are ambivalent about something. They feel more than one way about something. This touches on how it feels for me too. Just I feel it more often, sometimes its not just two way, there's more opinions, and its very very real to me, the dissenting opinions. And they not always terribly logical these opinions...given their source.
I did that driving thing too. Same route in the country i drove 6-7 days/wk. One time i 'came to' and didn't have a clue where I was. No road signs. Must have missed my turnoff and the next few too. Finally came to a town and found out where I was. Got home 2 hrs later. Very surreal. That was odd in that there was NOTHING, total blackout in those terms. I know others further on the continuum have this happen regularly :-( Not so for me TG.
My T wants to do a consult with another professional. Dunno if I should go or just let T consult. She says she would go w/me for support. I could proly talk if I knew someone was watching my back. That'd make ikids feel better.
I am trying to learn more so I can explain to this other professional quickly. This will be expensive. But if I can stop the confusion in my head, it'll be worth it.
So pardon me all if I am annoying anyone. Cuz I trying to understand me. Its SUCH a broad topic, a long continuum of experience. And with all the confusion, its hard to understand.
Thanks all.
Sorry I not being very supportive of anyone.




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