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Definition of ambivalence, need, bad

Posted by muffled on August 31, 2007, at 22:14:46

Ambivalence: The coexistence of contradictory emotions, attitudes, ideas, or desires with respect to a particular person, object, or situation. Suggests psychopathology only when present in an extreme form.

Need: 1 : necessary duty : OBLIGATION
2 a : a lack of something requisite, desirable, or useful b : a physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being of an organism
3 : a condition requiring supply or relief
4 : lack of the means of subsistence : POVERTY

Bad: 1 a : failing to reach an acceptable standard : POOR <a bad repair job> b : UNFAVORABLE <make a bad impression> c : not fresh : SPOILED <bad fish> d : not sound : DILAPIDATED <the house was in bad condition>
2 a : morally objectionable : EVIL <bad men> b : MISCHIEVOUS, DISOBEDIENT <a bad dog>
3 : inadequate or unsuited to a purpose <a bad plan> <bad lighting>
5 a : INJURIOUS, HARMFUL <a bad influence> b : SERIOUS, SEVERE <in bad trouble> <a bad cough>
6 : INCORRECT, FAULTY <bad grammar>
7 a : suffering pain or distress <felt generally bad> b : UNHEALTHY, DISEASED <bad teeth>
8 : SORROWFUL, SORRY <feels bad about forgetting to call>
9 a : INVALID, VOID <a bad check> b : not able to be collected <a bad debt>
10 badĚder badĚdest slang a : GOOD, GREAT b : TOUGH, MEAN
- badĚness noun




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