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Re: So Therapygirl wassup??? TherapyGirl

Posted by muffled on August 22, 2007, at 19:05:43

In reply to Re: So Therapygirl wassup??? muffled, posted by TherapyGirl on August 21, 2007, at 21:49:25

> Things with T are better than they were, but still not back to normal. I've been debating whether or not to bring up the big argument we had when I went to the doctor last month. We just haven't discussed it since that night. Half the time I think I should just let it be and the other half of the time I know there's stuff I need to get off my chest about that. So we'll see.

**Gee, I hope you guys can work it out.
Mebbe you just 'done' w/her?
Mebbe its time for a break or for someone different, with new ways of doing stuff?
Sometimes I'm inclined to thing, while a change is hard, it might be a good thing...

> We've been pretty focused on my work stuff (it's been a difficult several weeks there due to changes in my job) and on the possible hysterectomy I have to have. I should know more about that the first couple of weeks of September. But I'm still cycling every 2-2.5 weeks and this last one is still going on (8 days now). So I don't think I will make it long on that kind of schedule.

**:-( I'm sorry bout your health problems, thats gotta be lousy. Are you finding hormonally your all messed as well? Hope not. Them hormones can be nasty :-(
And hysterectomy, thats a tough one. I've done w/kids, so I am personbally of the thot, take the stuff out, I'm DONE. But you weren't done? If not, I'm sorry, thats a hard one. Very hard.
> I went to the beach last week with my family for a couple of days. It was okay, but it's hard for me to be around that many people for that long. And my mother tends to glue herself to me at the beach in ways she doesn't when I visit my parents' house and that is always difficult for me. So I enjoyed the ocean, but I was also glad to get home.

**Well at least its good that you like to come home...and the ocean IS great! Moms...sigh...

> I went out with co-workers tonight and had a great time. I definitely need to make more time for fun in my life.

**Sounds perfect, good for you for doing that and being able to let yourself enjoy it! :-)
> Enough update? The quick version is nothing is awful and nothing is great. You know?

**Ya, I know.
But I am glad its not ALL awful or something.
Good for you for seeing the good in stuff.
Take care, and I'm glad you filled me in.
> Now I want to hear all about your vacation.

**Yeah. I will eventually. But I just not got it in me right now, but thanks for asking.
I am making chicken for us and a neighbor w/3 small kids. Trying to do good things. Thats supposed to help. And its got me doing SOMEthing.
See ya,




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