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Re: Another cr*ppy session Jost

Posted by Dinah on November 6, 2006, at 17:19:21

In reply to Re: Another cr*ppy session, posted by Jost on November 4, 2006, at 19:12:04


Oh, Jost, you made me laugh.

The pdoc from h*ll... Well, my therapist says he's had some life changing experiences and has mellowed out quite a bit. Well, there was a lot of room for mellowing. It wasn't just me. My son's play therapist made it very clear she didn't like him either. He lost it with me, yelled at me, and when I started crying said he supposed I'd go home and hurt myself, because that's what I do. (Well, yes, but I started and was worst on the activating AD's he had me on.) I called him and fired him and told him NOBODY talked to me like that. But... I suppose a lot of people have had life changing experiences lately. At any rate, it was long enough ago now that I'm not afraid to run into him. I wouldn't go to him for medications if he was the last MD of any sort on the face of the earth. But I can say a polite hello, I suppose.

Wife's office? No way. I'm not totally clear about whether he meant actually in her office. That's certainly how it seemed. But she's not a therapist or even in the health care profession. It would be weird to the extreme to go to her office, possibly run in to her, and also be in an office that is geared towards something else entirely. I don't know what he's thinking. At one point, he knew I wouldn't like it. I won't even talk to him in the hall, I dislike mixing therapy with the outside world so much. He walks thirty or so steps ahead of me in absolute silence.

I'd far rather make the lengthy drive to an inconvenient old part of town where there is no offstreet parking depite the fact that I'm terrified of parallel parking - literally terrified. And run into my old nemesis.

That being said, we've met in some strange places. We've met in a temporary rent an office with generic furniture once. And at the home where someone took him in during the evacuation (he's ok with dogs and cats, which is nice to know). And at his office in Lafayette when I drove three hours to see him. And at a church. And once, when he urged me to come in despite a potential parking shortage so great that the city urged employers to let their workers go home early, I agreed only on the condition that he agreed to conduct therapy in my car if I couldn't find a place to park. (grin)

I've always told him that if he was there, it was fine. Which was a bit more true when I kept my eyes closed, but can still be true if he is himself.

I'm miffed about the extra driving time, and scared at the thought of parking. But if everything is ok, I'll do it without too much complaint.

The trouble is that I don't know if everything will ever be ok between us again. Maybe here and there, and I leap on those times. But...




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