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Posted by Racer on October 24, 2006, at 12:44:08

In reply to SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, posted by nutsandmore on October 24, 2006, at 9:28:15

Daisy's got a very good point -- probably on accounta she's a very smart cookie ;-) -- and I'm going to echo some of her advice.

First thing I'd tell you to do, is to call that doctor rightthisverysecond and say it's an emergency, and that if there's no way to squeeze you in sooner, you'd like to be put on a list to be called if there are any cancellations. Often, that can get you in a heckova lot sooner. And if they know it's an emergency, they will sometimes even shoehorn you in without a cancellation. I find it frightening to do that, myself, so I'll tell you this in hopes it makes it easier: they get calls like that all the time, and all you have to say is that you are in a world of hurt, will they call you if they have any cancellations. You don't have to convince them that it's an emergency, you don't have to convince them that there's a rational reason for you to be in crisis, or that you're justified in feeling this bad, or anything else. All you have to say is that you feel you need to be seen as soon as it can be arranged, and please call if there's a cancellation and they can see you sooner.

The doctor you saw sounds -- never mind. I don't want to violate the civility guidelines of this site. I just want to tell you that I think you've made the right decision in changing doctors.

I don't know if you've explored the boards on this site, but the plain vanilla Psycho Babble board is about medications, and is a good place to discuss what happened with the Remeron. It's very possible that what you experienced is something that your doctor could either have treated, or learned from. (Sometimes the specific reaction you get to a medication can hint at what other medications might work better for you.) There's a lot of good advice there, from a lot of people with a lot of knowledge about medications and side effects. Take it all with a grain of salt, since your mileage may vary. And since a lot of the people on that board have Treatment Resistant Depression, which can be a whole 'nother animal.

This board here is about psychotherapy, and might be a good place to explore what you mean when you say your therapist won't help? Is there a problem with the connection between you? Or is this the "talk/meds divide?" Or might you T be trying to help, and either not know how, or not be able to communicate that to you effectively? What is your T not doing, that you think could help? And what does your T say is the reason he/she is taking this tack?

Eh, beyond all that, I'm very sorry that you're going through this. Believe me, I've had some very bad experiences with drugs, pdocs, therapists, etc, so I can feel for you. Welcome to Babble, and I hope you stick around and get as much benefit from it as I have over the years.

Good luck, and I hope things improve for you very soon.




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