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Re: ok-Mebbe this will help others too... » Lindenblüte

Posted by muffled on October 23, 2006, at 14:56:32

In reply to Re: ok-Mebbe this will help others too... » muffled, posted by Lindenblüte on October 23, 2006, at 11:33:28

> Yeah,
> I guess I wouldn't try to control the music too much either. Mozart gives a great roadmap regarding which sections belong to which characters. It doesn't really do to make a dark spooky phrase sing like a virginal soprano, does it?

***LOL. Nope.
> Muffled, who lives your life at the moment? Do your i. folks take turns, each gets a chance at the steering wheel, depending on what street you're driving on?

***Mostly its me, Muffled. Though there is an I. kid that insists her name is Muffled too!
I don't 'switch' like a DID person. I am just a little more separated than the average bear. But not so much.
Sometimes I have a little trouble with 'Toughie' being around(as I call it) more than I would like. Sometimes I don't realize that I am in Toughie 'mode', then it'll dawn on me, and the 'I' will try to make sure Toughie don't get carried away, cuz sometimes she does.
Mostly thats the only one that i have trouble with.
Blossom causes trouble too I suppose, she just won't back off.
Ther's another I.kid(the one that insists that she's called muffled too!) thats a GREAT kid. We used to fight like cats and dogs, but we get along good now. She helps me lots. I'm not that aware of her these days. I think we are ok together :-) We haven't fought in a long time, and she has learned to behave well etc :-)
> Do they negotiate and argue about the past, present, and future?

**There is definately dissention. Often it just seems like 'noise' in my head. Its hard to think. Sometimes it is much more difficult to deal with cuz it can get rather intense. They fight in the background. They get upset over stuff.
Seems to me that its mostly kids. And the wonder of it all to me anyways, I just can't get over it, is that they ARE kids. And their behavior reflects that. Once I came to understand that, then it became easier to sometimes figger out what was going on. Oftentimes its rather petty. Jealousy, or upset over something I have said.
> Fran knows Muffled? and vice versa?

***I don't know what Fran knows. She is a baby. All i know is she seems very happy and was SO exited when I named her. It was SO funny. She is wonderful. I had a big smile( no, HUGE smile!!!)(NO GIGANTIC smile!!!!!!!) on my face for days over her. Everyonce in awhile she'll pop up and make me smile.
Muffled knows (kid)muffled. Blossom knows Muffled. (kid) muffled knows Blossom, dunno if blossom knows (kid) muffled. Toughie knows blossom and I guess muffled, and nasty too.
I'm not so sure, its confusing.
Sometimes I am convinced that they got stuff going on that I know NOTHING about. I just feel the anxiousness etc., but dunno where its comming from. I just know there's upset. Sometimes I can figger it out, and it can be so fun, cuz its such kidstuff,and its so weird and interesting, the whole 'thing' of it, and its relatively easy to sort out. Sometimes anyways.
> I'm curious.

***thats OK. I have no shame bout my 'people', cuz I think lotsa people got 'people', and there's NOTHING wrong with that. NOTHING. I think alot of people could be much helped if they could have some understanding of the kids inside. And they would care bout themselves more if they could accept these hurting ones, accept that they ARE IN FACT KIDS. And they hurt, and they did nothing to be ashamed of, and they just wanto be acknowleged and cared for, just like any kid.
Ok. I stepping off my soapbox!

> p.s. my husband used the word "muffled" yesterday in conversation. I thought of you. ((((((muffled)))))

***Awwww. :-) Thanks!!!!!

Take care,




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