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Re: Incommunicato » Racer

Posted by Lindenblüte on October 23, 2006, at 12:52:47

In reply to Re: Incommunicato, posted by Racer on October 23, 2006, at 12:32:42

> Just as a thought, you don't *have* to tell them why? Considering your current situation, could you tell them that you have to be incommunicado until you get some part of your dissertation done? That you're fried by working so hard, and yet you've got so much momentum going you're putting everything else on hold?

Yes, I expect that that would do the trick, except that more than one member of my family arrogantly assumes that s/he has the answer to all my stupid thesis problems. That my question is a dumb one, and my methods provide insufficient "proof" for my hyptheses. Well. Usually *I'm* the harshest critic of my own stuff, but not as far as science goes.

null hypothesis H0: I will never impress certain family members with my scientific reasoning.

hypothesis H1: I will impress my family members with my scientific reasoning.

Experiment: longitudinal study of my LIFE. Dependent measures= degrees, grants, awards, fellowships.

Results: suggestive of competent scientific reasoning, however, falling somewhat short of statistical significance, where alpha = .000001.

Failing to support my hopthesis H1, I cannot then state that I have "proven H0 either. You can NEVER prove the null hypothesis. Now I'm in the purgatory of statistical inference, meaning: Further study is necessary. (hence thesis)

> As for the larger issues, that's one thing I'm working on, too, in therapy. (Only one of many, though, so not much happ'nin' on that front...) I'll tell you about mine, in case it helps with yours...

yes. Well, hang in there Racer. just an arrythmic posting trot. don't hurt your hips or nothing, you hear?
> A lot of my inner idiocy comes from a member of my family who is a carrier for all sorts of psychopathology.

thanks for your story. sad that we have too much in common. I won't confront my source of instability, psychopathology or otherwise, for the exact reasons you mention (plus a few extra, thrown in for flavor and variety).

blooming. check.

back to work.


blovin' the computer after a long weekend away from more than superficial babble sneaks!




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