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Re: Oh yeah, Go Tigers! » gardenergirl

Posted by Lindenblüte on October 21, 2006, at 11:47:05

In reply to Oh yeah, Go Tigers! » annierose, posted by gardenergirl on October 20, 2006, at 23:22:47

> Hmmm, maybe time to invest in something new?

Yes, new attire is DEFINITELY indicated for acute blues!

> Looking forward to getting out my broom. ;)

Anticipation is WONDERFUL! cherish it!

> Now it's off to take a hot bath and go to bed. Marriage counseling tomorrow. After that, I expect to be toast. Too much therapy in two days.

Definitely too much therapy in 2 days. Even if you WERE stable on meds and moods!

Does this mean that you're going to be challenging my Princess of Polypsychopharmacy title?

Stigma- well I guess it's a tradeoff- but remember that voice belongs to the Big D. When Big D is talking, it makes it hard to do things you KNOW are good for you, or to do things that promote hope.

I take med-high dose antipsychotic 300mg seroquel, which has also been shown to be an effective mood stabilizer, sleeping med, and BEST OF ALL!!! effective on bipolar DEPRESSION, not just mania. And my AD, which is cymbalta. To keep me awake, and help me be a productive member of society, I take provigil in the am, and perhaps a klonopin, or a half. I was taking this twice a day when I had a lot of anxiety and when my T said that she was worried that my anxiety was causing dissociation and vice versa.

No acute dissociative crises in 3 weeks, which is pretty good for me.

Remember that making med changes is hard- but you only have to make a few decisions every day.
1) take morning pills. just swallow them!
2) take evening pills. just swallow them!
3) check to make sure it's not time to order more refills or ask pdoc for samples or a prescription.

IMO, it's pretty easy to defy the voice of the BigD for a few moments every day to perform steps 1,2,3.

T changes- this is really tricky. I made a T change at the same time that I made a med change and was going through the aforementioned dissociative crises. I know that you've been preparing yourself for termination/switching. This could definitely be a factor in the current mood instability.

You are NOT weak for admitting to yourself that maybe there are some situations in your life that you are not strong enough to face head-on.

You are NOT sicker for having to take more than one or two pills every day.

You are NOT a bad person for having bad thoughts, or bad moods.

You're a wonderful gardenergirl, and I hope you can enjoy your sunday football and the little things everyday that you enjoy just to flaunt in front of Big D and defy it!

HRH. PoPpp Li.




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