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more dental stuff, ? **trig mild** » Lindenblüte

Posted by ElaineM on October 17, 2006, at 12:42:00

In reply to Re: more2 **CA triggers, mild** » ElaineM, posted by Lindenblüte on October 16, 2006, at 8:27:27

>>>>>>Getting the granulation tissue out

Granulation tissue, is that something that he would be able to plainly see when he opened up a canal. He only opened up one of the front canals last time (against my wishes, cause I begged him to try the back one cause it's the back of the tooth that's most sensitive to tap-tests). When he opened it he said that it looked "clean".

He's had problems cause the apex-locater doesn't read my canals properly. He goes by taking alot of xrays and reading those the best he can. I spent most of my chair time crying cause I just KNEW that him refusing to open the back canal would mean that the pain would still be the same as before. ALL for nothing again!! The hygenist switched halfway through my procedure and she said, "'ve done the endo already! Did you find the extra canal?" ANd the dentist was like, "There is none. I opened the front. If there is a problem it would be coming from here" And I just looked up at the girl wanting her to make eye contact so I could stare at her to pursue it for me, but she didn't. So that's when I started crying. And I hate it cause the tears slide down your face and pool at your collar.

>>>>>>Ask about this approach

Does it have an exact name in dental terminology? I won't sound so much like an arm-chair dentist. *sigh*

>>>>>>>It may be that the infection is hiding out somewhere past the end of the root,

Would he be able to see that on an xray? How do you get proof that it's there? ...or do you have to kinda do exploratory surgury? is there some kinda way to test for it?

I'm so dejected about my teeth. This one has been two and half months. Who goes that long with this kind of pain. THey wouldn't expect someone to live with a cavity for two months. Genetics and anorexia have found yet another way to f*ck me over. I get so down at times like this cause, I think the anorexia saved me back then, but now, after the "best" of it is over, I'm finding that it not only just postponed any suffering I was going through then, but created INFINITE amounts more. I used to be so proud that I had a severe case :"( I did, but didn't really, know how much it destroyed the human body. Why couldn't I just diet like a regular person. .....okay, I'm getting really down. gotta stop.

I know it's a sh*tty topic Li, but I'd appreciate any tooth info. You definately know from experience. Whenever you're have time, or are bored.




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