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Re: boundaries? » pseudoname

Posted by alexandra_k on October 14, 2006, at 20:42:52

In reply to Re: boundaries? » alexandra_k, posted by pseudoname on October 14, 2006, at 11:52:13

ugh. i can't believe i posted that... hey do you remember that harrison pope guy who was doing that stuff on recovered memories? i was sure i had encountered some of his work before, but i was having a blank as to where... found it... he is a member of the false memory foundation so yeah he had a bit of an agenda with what he was saying. he (and others) did this survey study too of the attitudes of board certified psychiatrists (in the US) towards the dx of DID. trying to get it out of the DSM basically... i was sure i had encountered him somewhere... i cited him i do believe. lol.

it is more about... sexual stuff. i get myself into these messes...

> Is someone doing this to you now, Alex? (If I may ask.)

i'm okay. i handled it okay. not the best... but okay. i've had a talk to this guy before and he said that yeah people target me because they can see that i'm vulnerable. this guy was kinda testing me... when i'm a bit distressed my reality testing goes out the window a little... i thought it was okay for me to confide in him a little. i thought i could trust him. he was talking to me... and it was okay... but then i didn't feel so good... and he was saying about how intimacy can be hard... and i thought i wasn't feeling so good because of my issues... then he was saying about how i find hugs hard, and can he hug me... and it takes a while for me to realise that i'm not over-reacting. something isn't right. i just feel upset because i realised that he tried to take advantage of my being vulnerable. i've learned now that he isn't safe to confide in. that was hard. i thought long and hard and i decided that he was the safest person for me to confide in. but he isn't safe. or maybe more to the point certain things are safe and certain other things aren't. my week this week... no. that wasn't safe. it is okay our friendship will survive. i did the right thing.

but there is a little bit of rage and indignation that i trusted him and... he would have been happy to abuse that. not seeing it as abuse of course. just... i don't know. i don't trust wisely sometimes. most times. ever.

> > if you upset someone then you get to comfort them :-(

> Do you really deal with people who are THAT cynical and manipulative? People who would deliberately upset someone just to get to comfort them?!

yeah i don't know. past sh*t... sorry.




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