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Re: I think that's only part of the story... laima

Posted by Racer on July 21, 2006, at 1:29:05

In reply to Re: I think that's only part of the story... Racer, posted by laima on July 20, 2006, at 19:12:34

> If you are talking about me (laima), I obviously have a problem communicating clearly.

I disagree with this part -- I think you did express yourself pretty well. ;-)

>I originally wanted to express that I feel awful that some people in my life seem to be accusing or suggesting I have caused my own disfunction/mental illness issues, that I am faking, lazy, looking for attention, and so on. Some of these people have just plain shunned me or keep themselves distant or are judgemental, as if a "pep talk" can end a serious depression.

LOL! Yeh, well, try it with anorexia... "All you have to do is eat something, you can do that, surely?" Wow! It's that simple? Hallelujah!! I'm CURED!!!!

Yes, not only do some people truly think that a pep talk will cure you, but some will tell you what worked for them, because it's guaranteed to work for you -- oh, yeah, taking country line dancing lessons will fix all my problems... (why isn't there an emoticon for crossed eyes?)

I dunno. I think many people act out of fear, even if that isn't clear at the time.

But a lot of people act from good intentions, especially when they do the pep talk thing. (My aunt is a great example -- one of her pep talks to my husband, telling him how to fix me, was the immediate precursor to a suicide attempt on my part...) They mean well, poor ignorant dears...

>I think some people toss around terms like "depressed" casually, and I think that practice does many of us who genuinely struggle with depression or other mood disorder a great injustice by confusing what "depression" is. Yes, every human suffers, but not everyone has their life disintigrate into a persistent disfunction as a result.

Yes. I agree. And the people who do say things like, "oh, I'm soooo depressed," when they really mean, "oh, I'm bored..." or "oh, I'm disatisfied by what's happening right now," really do a diservice to all us. But I won't go into that, because I'm wearing slippers, and if I do, I'll have to go get shoes to bang on the table...

>>I am very sorry for my clutzy communication. English isn't even my native language and I don't have a great way with words always anyway.

Your English is excellent. The subject matter is sensitive, and I think this may have been a case where the topic brings up strong feelings that sometimes can cloud the reading -- largely because, I think, we've all experienced some form of the thing you're describing.
> Perhaps this is a futile discussion of semantics?

Again, I think what you wrote was pretty clear. I do think there was one sentence that may have been confusing, but only the one. And even with that, it was still understandable.

Heck -- you do better than a lot of native English speakers...




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