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Re: For Michael 83

Posted by happyflower on June 28, 2006, at 6:59:55

In reply to Re: For Michael 83 and Dinah happyflower, posted by Michael83 on June 27, 2006, at 23:30:16

> Don't feel sorry, I come here seeking the truth, not a "feel good" story. And I can smell a "feel good" story a mile away (thank you for being truthful). ;-)

Well I am happy I didn't make you feel worse or that you got offended. I am not sure what condition you have, but I have learned a lot of conditions your body is missing something that you would normally have naturally. So taking meds will help get the missing stuff, but not do much else other than make you feel better. (i know real scientic explaination, lol)
> I understand that there may not be "cures" (per se), and only "temporary fixes" that will last us long enough until we no longer are needed on this Earth.

I guess it depends what you mean by a cure. I feel if a med. helps with a condition, maybe you have to take it indefientely, but in a way you are cured, if you are better.

But I understand how you feel about taking meds for a long time and what that does to your body. I would be more concerned about what it does to your liver than your brain to be honest. But I think most meds are rather mild on the body. But just think what happens if you don't take the meds. Maybe if you didn't take meds, you might live longer, but think about the quality of your life and the effects of the disorders will have on it if left untreated.
> I just want my brain to work in the same relatively stress free fashion everyone else's does, without ridding of the unique characteristics I was born with. But I am fearful the characteristics that make me unique, and shape the way I think are the creators of the problems I suffer from.

Hey I think being unique is so cool, I don't want to be like everyone else. LOL And as far at your brain working stressfree, well I don't think there is such a creature. I think we all have some mild form of disorders, some worse than others. Maybe that is why if I deceide to be a T, I will never run out of work. LOL
> It's sort of like trying to create a car with zero emission. (figuratively) *sigh*

Plus I think you should embrase who you are. You are not your disorders, they do not rule your life. You are you, and that is a good thing. Just from your few posts, I can tell you are intelligent and funny too. I love Urkel by the way, I miss that show, is it out on reruns? I am surprised as young as you are, that you even know about the show. But yeah, "you did do thaaaat!" Heehee! Just don't wear your pants up high like he did, and everyone will think you are okay! ;-)

Now as far as success stories, it depends what you define as success. I know a lot of people where drugs helped them a lot and they go about their life as normal as anyone else. So I am sure plenty of babblers can tell you some stories too. Therapy and/or drugs do help, but it depends on what disorders you have to how much the benifit you will receive. ;-)




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