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Re: Why Psych board not for you? gg i forgot ty » pseudoname

Posted by pulse on June 24, 2006, at 13:36:28 [reposted on June 26, 2006, at 0:56:21 | original URL]

In reply to Why is Psych board not for you?, posted by pseudoname on June 24, 2006, at 8:47:33

thanks and fyi i'm female. ROFLMAO. are you male or female? don't know that it matters, just curious.

glad you liked and used my points, but the bulk of your post does *seem* to be directed at me, certainly toward the end. perhaps your intent was to get everyone to think about all YOUR good points, and, as is your hope, then take some action toward those ends.

i wish the psychology board was for me. however, let's just say i've made a hard and fast rule/ promise to myself that currently prevents my being there.

i don't care either for what i believe you mean by segregation, but i would prefer some more organization in the psychology board. something along lines of what the owner/admin of crazymeds' crazy talk USED to do. i just visited there a few days ago, and was aghast at how lacking in the former good-natured poking fun at every dx under the sun - that it now is. my guess is that jerod finally, after fighting mightily and for far too long, caved to some sort of relentless pressure. anyone can only take so much. i could always be completely wrong re: the why/s of the extreme changes over there.

*i'm confused: first you say no to the off-topic police (agree it most definitely DOES kill discussions). then, you say yes to pb being topic-specific boards.

i realize that pb is huge and that probably only so many boards are feasible. not to segregate, but, rather as break-it-down categories. not to make cutesy, and often couterproductive clique-forming easy, but to prevent some to many untoward (minimizing) events from happening.

even though i've seen the other boards listed here for some time, it rarely occurs to me to go to them. also, i'm on sabbatical from therapy, and intent on lightening up, unless something really catches my interest such as the - in no way unusual - turn this very thread veered onto. i'd be more inclined to visit the social board.

as with donna, i see no reason for your post (or mine) to be re-directed.

*actually, i came back in for the following: gardengirl, you do an excellent job of moderating. you've that inate ability to be fair, funny, AND still be able to bring down the hammer hard and fast, when the relatively few situations here, warrant it. that's the kind of forum mod & admin. i was & also the kind of group facilitator i've been. 'dirty job but someone has to do it.' remember, though, gg, sometimes it can feel like 'no good deed goes unpunished.'

pulse, i AM woman.....




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