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Why is Psych board not for you?

Posted by pseudoname on June 24, 2006, at 8:47:33 [reposted on June 26, 2006, at 0:56:21 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Therapy, posted by pulse on June 24, 2006, at 5:39:08

I'm using pulse's comments, but this is NOT directed at pulse. His well-put & honest thoughts are just a great example to highlight something I've wanted to say for a while.

> sure hope it's not ever going to the trend at so many other fourms: 'off topic' police!

Anything is allowed, but if a thread runs into a series of other-topic posts, it'll probably be re-directed. Unfortunately, re-direction usually kills a discussion, especially since the automatic notices don't follow the redirect. Bob has always re-directed threads; only recently does he seem to be easing up or slacking, depending on your point of view.

> the nature of our various dxes, even compliant ON meds, makes it pretty usual to discuss things tangentally.

Very true. Well put.

> the pyschology board is not the one for me.

Even if you're primarily discussing psychotherapy?! Why not? Is it because most of the people are different? Then the segregation of the boards is by popularity, like in high school, and not topic!

I have tried for YEARS to get discussions going on the Psych board that are contrary to its prevailing dependent-on-my-therapist cathartic dyadic zeitgeist with minimal success. I remember mattdds failed at that and essentially left Babble. But of COURSE the attempts will always fail if people with other ideas and attitudes say "The Psych board is not for me" even when discussing psychotherapy!!

Segregation of topic is exactly why Bob created the psych board in the first place. It was NOT so that a certain group (mostly women) can go over there, while this other group stays over here!

I've read several times lately where people say they're knowingly starting off-topic threads on the meds board because, "my friends are here", or "I don't know anyone on those other boards". Which is really cool that people feel that connection. But this isn't a high school lunch room. It's a topic-specific internet forum.

And THIS post, if anyone replies, will probably get re-directed, too, but I needed to say it. Thanks for reading.




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