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Re: Feeling pretty hopeless Racer

Posted by gardenergirl on January 26, 2006, at 15:48:20

In reply to Feeling pretty hopeless, posted by Racer on January 26, 2006, at 13:38:01

> Sorry to sound so much like a whining parrot, but I feel very hopeless today.

Puhleeze. You sound nothing like a whining parrot. 'K? It's perfectly okay and even healthy to post for support.
> I've been feeling very bad lately, and I don't think it's all psychological: I think the meds are involved in this. I was trying to explain to my therapist, who suggested a personal trainer she works with as a way to find out how much is fixable by more effort on my part.

Um....I'm hearing something familiar. That this is your "fault" and yours to "fix." Can it be that you are feeling overwhelmed with all the emotions you've been digging into, feeling, and expressing recently. Emotion you've appeared to work very very hard to repress for so darned long? Can you just be paralyzed from the weight of all these emotions? Maybe instead of pushing therapy to "get it all out and over with", maybe you need to ease off a bit. Not stop, and not derail, but maybe just say that you can take this much and not more and still function, so you need to slow down.

Just an initial reaction to reading this a second time.

>I've been feeling as though I'm kinda trapped inside myself, as though I have energy, but I can't get to the surface of myself to use it. And even just walking up the stairs feels impossible, as though my legs won't respond to my brain. I know, it's not making a lot of sense, but it's like I'm so withdrawn inside myself that I just *can't* do anything.

I do think this makes sense. I have felt that way before. Those are the times I just stay in bed, even if I have important stuff to do.

I'm sorry your husband sent you mixed messages. With so much you've told me recently that reflects communication issues about differences in viewpoints (among other things), it's a darned shame that couples counseling is not helping right now. I wish that could get back on track somehow without hassles. :(

> The insurance company just informed me that they are requesting a refund from my nutritional counselor, because they should never have paid for any of it.

Crappy crappy crappy. And not necessarily legal. I don't know the legalities, but your state insurance office might be able to help. Maybe I can get some info for you about this. Or maybe someone else knows?

>I don't feel at all comfortable with the new pdoc -- so much so I'm ready to stop all the drugs. (Which I am ready to do anyway, to see if that helps with that paralysed feeling.)

Okay, all or nothing? I know it feels like you don't have many choices. That's the nature of depression. You sound depressed, and no wonder given what you've been struggling with. But please don't go off all your meds. Tweak, don't toss.


Feel free to join Daisy and me in front of the fire. I've got an air mattress for the other spare bedroom. And we have shoe stores here, too. Probably not like you have there, but's the process, right?
> I think I'm just whining.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no you're not.

I think a nap sounds like a very good idea.

Sweet dreams.





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