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Posted by LadyBug on January 22, 2006, at 12:18:03

I just want to say THANKS to everyone here at babble. I read the posts several times a day and it has helped me a lot. I don't reply very often, not that I don't care. I do care. I don't start a post hardly ever but think about it often. I don't know what keeps me from it. Am I insecure about what I think and how I feel and don't want to share anything because someone might think I'm not good with words? Something for me to think about.
Soooo, just in case anyone wonders if I'm ever around.....I AM!!!! EVERYDAY AND NIGHT!!
THANKS with all my heart to you all for sharing your experiences and wisdom with me. I really appreciate this board more than any other that I read. THERAPY is soooo important to me!! It helps me funtion better. And I love my T. just as much as anyone around here does. She's awesome.

I'm even having a struggle with her right now and can't seem to figure out what to tell her. She knows I'm thinking about it. It all has to do with a cruise she is going on in 2 weeks. I wo'nt get to see her that week which makes me sad. So I decided to find a reason not to see her this week. I told her I needed to get my hair done so I can't come. So she tells me I devalue her????? OK???
She says she's importatnt to her and then in an odd way I devalue her and want to go get my hair done instead of see her? So I'm trying to process that and not get to nasty with her. It's ok for her to cancel our weekly meeting, but I can't? The person that does my hair only comes in town once a week and she will only be here on Thurs. this week and I have to go after work. That's the time I have schedlued for my T. appointment. I left her a message and told her I could cancel my appointment and get my hair done. I have it done every 4 weeks on the dot and this is my 4 weeks. I can't stand to let it go, it's so important to me. My hair is one of the things I'm really particular about. So what do ya think? Should I be mad at her? For telling me I devalue her? Make her less important?? But she can go on vacation and I'm supposed to not care??????? I'm a bit stuck. She said, I'm sure you'll research this, laughing, cuz she knows I really will.
She also said I devalue her because a few weeks ago when I was choosing my insurance plan I picked the one that My Dr.s are on and she wasn't. She is pre-existing anyway and I won't have coverage for her until Sept. this year anyway. By then open enrollment will come around and I can change to the one she is on. I told her that even if I did choose the one she is on, they won't pay, because it IS pre-exsisting!!! I'm sure she felt bad, she mentioned it a few times. And I felt terrible for making my choice.





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