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Re: help with dream interpretation? Ľ JenStar

Posted by Tamar on October 23, 2005, at 14:15:02

In reply to help with dream interpretation?, posted by JenStar on October 23, 2005, at 0:39:14

Hi JenStar,

Interesting dream! I think itís a dream about change.

Iím inclined to ask whether you feel trapped by feelings of self-doubt. It seems that in your dream you see other people doing lots of things that you arenít able to, even though you want to do them.

Guards and military personnel might represent aspects of yourself that are trying to protect you from the consequences of doing something differently, even if it might be in your best interests to change. Or they could be symbols of what stands between you and what you want to change. Iím sure youíre also familiar with the idea of trees and guns as phallic symbols: if thatís the case in this dream, perhaps thereís an internal conflict with Ďmasculineí aspects of yourselfÖ or perhaps simply aspects of yourself that you donít want to accept.

A house is often a symbol of your mind, and this house seems very pleasant, with all the sunshine and frothy curtains blowing. Itís kind of airy and open (perhaps youíre pretty open-minded). It seems at first to contrast with the enclosed and threatening forest. However, thereís a part of it you canít get to, even though you feel you need to. Are X and Y real people? If so they may represent people who can assist you with your dilemma. Or they may be aspects of yourself: the parts of you that can do the thing you donít feel you can do. Are X and Y pregnant in real life? If so, Iíd say this dream has a lot to do with pregnancy. If not, perhaps the pregnancies represent a period of waiting. And after all, you do get to the top of the house eventually, despite your difficulties.

As for gymnastics on a bedÖ well, thereís an obvious interpretation for that one! But itís interesting that the bed is unstable and youíre afraid of falling. I think itís significant that you want to pass the test but you canít do what you need to do in order to get out (i.e. to make the change happen) and you wake up before finding a way to do the gymnastic manoeuvre. After all, you made it out of the forest, and then up the stairs despite the difficulties with the guards and the heavy legs.

So ultimately I wonder if thereís a change you want to make but youíre finding it very difficult and frustrating.

Does that make any sense? What did you make of the dream?





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