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Re: Last night (dream analysis please?) Ľ messadivoce

Posted by Tamar on September 25, 2005, at 16:33:40

In reply to Last night (dream analysis please?), posted by messadivoce on September 25, 2005, at 11:10:54

Hi Voce,

> I had probably the longest, strangest dream about my ex T that I've ever had. I dreamed my family and I were on a road trip, and for some reason they chose to stay at my ex T's house, with his family.

I think dreaming of a house usually indicates something about whatís going on in your mind. If you dreamed of your ex Tís house, it might symbolise his place in your thoughts. If you were spending the night there, it might suggest feelings of trust and security.

> I dreamed I slept upstairs in his house and then when I was getting dressed the next morning, I went across the hall to a huge study, and there were tons of pictures hanging there of him in different stages of his life, and of his family.

Photos or pictures might suggest that you donít know the real man; youíve encountered aspects of him but there are big gaps in your knowledge. It also might suggest that you would like to know more about who he is as a person. And it might suggest wanting to keep hold of the past.

> Then I went downstairs and I was too shy to ask his wife for coffee, so he came down and found me in the kitchen looking for a coffee cup. He told me where the coffee pot was (buried waaaay in the corner)

Coffee might symbolise hospitality or companionship. Being too shy to ask his wife might indicate feelings of jealousy towards her, or it might simply suggest that you donítí know here and therefore you canít approach her.

> and didn't seem to mind when I spilled some when I was pouring.

Spilling coffee might indicate youíre overflowing with feelings about him; or alternatively that you drink too much coffee!

> After I finished my coffee we went upstairs and he talked about all the pictures in the study with me, and told me about each stage of his life and all about his family members.

That sounds like the sort of thing you might wish for. And if the pictures represent your past relationship with him, it might mean you have wishes both to know more about him and also to see him again.

> When I left, he gave me a hug and told me to come back and visit again.
> It's comforting, somehow, to wake up after this. I have a litte more peace today.

It does sound comforting. Itís nice to dream about him when youíve been thinking so much about him recently. And itís nice that he was so open and welcoming and accepting in your dream.

What interests me quite a bit is that you say you were with your family (parents?) and it was their decision to spend the night at your therapistís house, and yet the rest of the dream doesnít feature them; itís about your interaction with your T. It suggests to me that they might have less significance in your life than previously, and that youíre moving on from your former relationship with them.

I hope the dream gives you some relief from the pain.





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