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Re: More Installments...

Posted by 64bowtie on September 25, 2005, at 3:53:43

In reply to Re:, posted by gardenergirl on September 22, 2005, at 0:32:04


> >
> > Rod: That sidesteps my issue that you can do my process successfully without anybody’s opinion or blessing…
> GG: Rod, perhaps this is why we are struggling in our dialog. I'm ~ nature. I'm trying to take what you are saying and integrate it with what I know so that I can develop an understanding of it. >
<<< Rod: I apologize for rooting around in new and uncommon information... A lot has been said and believed over the last 150 years of mental health practices... Sometimes the simplest connections being made could have saved a lot of grief and a lot of medication... But what would you do if you couldn't keep patients for more than 5 to 10 visits??? Life-Coaches don't pretend to do therapy, even though some are properly licensed and certified to do so (I have over 400 email addresses for such folks in English speaking countries)...
<<< Surely you wouldn't challenge Dr. Phil McGraw... Yet he is the best Life-Coach I've ever seen in action... He doesn't pretend to be in a practice that requires weekly visits for 5 to 10 years in order to help folks with all their 'stuff'... He's not bashful about passing off to a therapist, someone who he suspects could benefit from lengthy 1 on 1 talk therapy when his style hits a snag or a wall with the client/family he is coaching...
<<< OhByTheWay, neither do I!!! What we have in common is vision which seems way different from those who only provide therapy... I don't yet measure up to the skills and abilities of Dr. Phil, and I'm not pretending to... I say only that our focus is similar... For anyone who is toooo broke to use my services, I even suggest they invest $10+ bucks on "Life Strategies" workbook by Dr. Phil... I lose more clients that way!!!

>Adulthood is always the next logical step to any life that is without it… What may be not so clear is that adulthood is everything a childhood is and so much more…
> GG: Not necessarily...
<<< Rod: If I add "...for most folks..." will that work for you??? The notion that adulthood, for someone who discovers that much of the strife in their lives originates in the unfortunate truth that they were not properly prepared for adulthood by their parents and significant others, might appear as a vague or vaporous mist compared to their very vibrant and comfortable existance in extended childhood... I mean, "Why Change?" and, "Change means loss!" With proper timing and nurturing, this is not the case...

> >Perhaps you key on the phrase “life was simpler then”… It was… You knew less to reflect on, and new stuff was everywhere and almost everything…
> GG: That actually sounds more complicated and stimulating than simpler. Our brains are taking in and integrating stuff at a very rapid rate in childhood.
<<< Rod: But wait! When we compare what we actually know as adults vs what actually "IS", what we know is like a bee-bee rattling around in a 40ft long rail box car... So, again, even as adults, new stuff is everywhere and almost everything... Make mine adulthood!!! I have a much better set of skills to deal with life on its own terms as an adult...

> >Rod: However, recognition of the new stuff (as a child) was limited to the immediate...

<<< Rod: The neuro-folks established a median time for retention for kids up to age 10 as commonly about 4 days; 1/2 of their memories last less than 4 days and 1/2 last longer than 4 days... A lot of what happens for kids is in their immediate time and space... Storing memories as feelings works well in the immediate... Just toooo many chances for the memories to return as distortions of the real happening when regulated by feelings... Ask any attorney about kids (10 and under) as witnesses...

I hope I am catching up to where you are in our discussion... Time gets away from me sometimes these days...





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