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Re: T Thinks Pdoc is brilliant Argh!!!! Somewhat Poet

Posted by Racer on September 23, 2005, at 13:19:38

In reply to T Thinks Pdoc is brilliant Argh!!!! Somewhat long, posted by Poet on September 20, 2005, at 22:03:57

Ugh, I hate it when "they" get all caught up in their own cleverness like that. It always feels to me as though I'm an afterthought, you know?

As for Asperger's, I can't tell you. It's been strongly suggested that my beloved spouse is Asperger's, and a lot of it fits. Yet, he's one of the funniest people I know -- if you don't mind puns and sarcasm -- and one of the most sensitive to other people. Sensitive to other people, in some ways, that is. There is a big disconnect in him, though, between the sensitivity and the insensitivity. It's hard to explain, but it does fit him into Asperger's about as well as most store-bought clothes fit me. That is, parts of it fits, other parts need a heck of a lot of alterations... I wouldn't sweat it, although I know it's hard as nails not to.

It might be just as well for you to tell both of them how much you resent diagnostic labels -- point out that whatever else they want to call you, you're Poet, and that's the diagnosis that fits you best. Or tell them that you have it on the very best authority -- mine! -- that you have Irregular Polygon Syndrome. You're not a square peg in a round hole, nor a round peg in a square hole, but an irregular polygon who needs your own special niche. That's my "Official" diagnosis, made by me. The insurance company gets another dx, of course, on forms: 296.32, 300.00, 307.10. But I know that I have IPS.

As for the whole thing of Ts and Pdocs talking, I trust my treatment team enough now -- which is a very, very recent development -- that I'm happier having them talk directly. That way, I don't have to try to remember all the things that I should be telling them. After all, I know what's going on with me, and I know how honest I've been with them, so unless one of them is a space alien or pathological liar, I trust that they're all getting a pretty consistent view of what's going on with me, all without me having to worry about it. Again, though, this is a new thing for me. Back in the days of Dr EyeCandy -- a/k/a Dr GraduatedLastInHisClass, a/k/a Dr Klingon (my husband's new name for him) -- and The Therapist With Delusions Of Competence, it was a whole 'nother story. With them, it worked very much against me. Guess it depends on the individuals involved.

I'm so sorry that you're caught up in this. I know how hard it is to find a treatment team made up of individuals that one trusts -- I went through several Ts before finding one who's working out -- and to have this happen when you're on the cusp of that must be like a slap in the face. Yuck.

Congrats, though, on expressing your anger to your T. That's something to celebrate.




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