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gardenergirl Sorry, I was in some kinda hurry

Posted by 64bowtie on September 17, 2005, at 1:40:37

In reply to gardenergirl Both, when and where appropriate (nm) gardenergirl, posted by 64bowtie on September 17, 2005, at 0:32:15


I am always 'at-awe' whe I see you have responded to me... I enjoy so much having you here... I hope all here see you for the treasure that you are... About reining-in or putting it to use, both, where apprpopriate... Re: limbic vs brain stem, I need to re-study the cortical connection stuff...

Part 'B' of the issue is that the results don't change by your settling your mind about the exactness of my representations of the etiology of the model... The outcome is that, with the population of neurons being actually more in the 'gut' than in the brain at birth, and feelings end up being stored in the gut, it's likely that reasoning via feelings can leave us missing a better big picture of our lives as adults...

Since I keep bringing up that sticky little point that toooo many folks with toooo many troubles end up by age 35 or 40 feeling a need to end it all, I am contiuing to connect this negative results to a propensity to hold on to a part of themselves that no longer exists, their childhood... I can be partly wrong when anyone wants to ignore the obvious... I'll take on that risk...

Along with childhood comes the accepted limitations of black and white reasoning, seeking of feel-goods instead of options when problem solving, and overall poor impulse-management... So, why would anyone seek the comfort of childhood???

I suggest its because of convenience... Laizefaire is always more convrenient, except when it isn't; anymore; when it's toooo late to change and adapt... Exempli gratia is the levees around New Orleans... It was easier to spend the moneys elsewhere, and now that was a big mistake...

I'm pointing out that poor impulse management is epidemic and getting worse... If the 'gut', whatever it really-really is, is the source of the poor impulse management in adulthood, then I'm choosing to continue to get the word out... As with my contact with Sleepygirl above, I seek folks strategies at overcoming the suffocating effects of holding onto what our 'gut' tells us inappropriately, inappropriately because we can do better than that!!! We're adults and no longer trapped by our childhood limitations...

I keep refering to the book, "The Second Brain" which expands the accuracy of this information... Go ahead and read the book... If I'm wrong, I'll eat my truck (my 1964 'Bowtie' pick-up)


PS: I don't have academic accesses that I used to... Perhaps I accept the principle toooo early in the discussion when safety would dictate that I get my bibligrophy in place before I open my mouth.... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......




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