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Visit a pain clinic ?? kerria

Posted by pinkeye on August 1, 2005, at 19:22:47

In reply to Triggering- my Pain is impossible to live in, posted by kerria on July 28, 2005, at 23:28:21

I am really sorry about the pain.. I know sometimes it feels so bad when Doctors won't believe what we tell them. It just is bad.

Can you switch doctors? Or maybe even visit "pain clinic." These centers deal with chronic pain, and they are usually more willing to listen.

If you have a "pain clinic" around your place, visit them first. That would really help.

> Please help think of somewhere to go- someone to treat me. i'm in severe chronic pain. My pain mangement dr treated me for over a year but now took me off the only medicine that works. Duregesic patch did also but he refuses. He won't wait for me to get a dr's appt for another- 100th exam. Why can't the cause of my severe pain be seen? i'm not lying. It's so terribly bad.
> i hate to take medicine but the pain is so severe and constant that there's no way to endure it. i had surgery and so many tests and the reason for the pain isn't showing. Now dr took me off oxycontin and put me on morphine. Terrible feeling in my chest, breathing and nose clogged. No pain relief hardly at all on 100mg twice a day. i couldn't write this or do anything but cry all day in ER and home, except now i had one more dose of oxycontin- i took 60mg 3 times a day plus always needed 5mg 3-4 times a day breakthrough med. before the eight hous were up.
> Today was my first day of the morphine. i had to leave work at 11:30 am in terrible pain. So afraid i had allergy, breathing problems also. Dr in ER asked if i had "Nervous problems.?" "No" (because they won't believe anyone who has PTSD and DID that they have real pain that's severe. Especially when pain is gyn pain.
> "how the injury get on your arm"Dr asked- "it's a burn from my oven"- he didn't believe me and i was telling the truth.
> i'm in SO MUCH PAIN. It never stops except with medicine. i can't do anything at all. Living is torture without medicine. The pain is neurological so it takes a lot of medicine to put it out. It is the worst pain imaginable and i have to find a dr that will treat me tomorrow, i had one more dose of oxycontin for now and in the morning i need HELP. The morphine -100mg twice a day-just is side efects of trouble breathing. Not help with pain. Dr won't change it, says it's equvilent- it isn't. Why don't they believe i'm in the pain that i'm in?
> How can i make them believe me? i'm trying to see a gyn but in so much emergency pain without meds that i can't do anything. It hurts too much to move. How can i get help? i'm so afraid. The pain is so out of control. i forgot how bad it is. i can't live in it for a day again. This medicine will wear off at 3:30am. i'm so AFRAID. It's so unfair how drs won't believe me and treat me because i have a mental disorder. i'm NOT lying or exaggerating my pain at all. i've been on meds since 12/2003 and after surgery in 1/04 when it began to be intolerablly bad and now this dr switched me off what works. i don't know what to do. It's hopeless:(
> Thank you for reading and any help - ideas,. i'm so afraid that i'll be in too bad shape to do anything to get help. i'm so afraid no one will help me. kerria




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